[News] Ninty Fresh is the next magazine you need a subscription to

Written by Abram Buehner

Update: Initial funding goal reached in a little over 2 hours!!

Bulletin: Ninty Fresh Magazine

We all yearn for the days of the print gaming magazine. As an American, Nintendo Power was my darling. There was no better surprise than opening up the mailbox to find a fresh issue lying in wait. The internet – for better and worse – has brought that age to a close.

However, the team behind Switch Player Magazine is looking to reignite this latent passion for print with a brand-new Nintendo magazine, Ninty Fresh.

Funding its first issue on Kickstater, Ninty Fresh looks to fuse together modern Nintendo coverage with retro analysis and discussion. For a taste, the team has written the following:

Whilst there are enthusiast ventures available, we craved something that completely covered and encompassed Nintendo’s vast history. Something that looks at the retro aspect and well as the new, with a fresh perspective on things. So, we thought we would make one: Ninty Fresh. Something that will cater for ALL of Nintendo. From NES to Switch.

If you’d like to help make Ninty Fresh a reality, consider supporting the Kickstarter here. Doing so will help ensure that issue one – complete with interviews featuring Tim Street and Chris Scullion as well as retrospectives on The Wind Waker and Mario’s history – sees publication this August.

Source: PR email

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