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Splatoon 2 set for one last hurrah

Splatoon will host it’s final Splatfest in July with the theme Chaos VS Order. After the three day duration of the event, Splatoon 2 will update to version 5.0. Version 5.0 will bring with it the option to create your own splatfests and invite your friends to compete.

“Splatocalypse,” will begin at 14:00 p.m. CEST on 18th July*. The event, timed to coincide with the game’s second anniversary, will run for 72 hours, and asks players: “Which world would you choose?” Chaos or Order? In addition, a new Shifty Station stage will be added for this final Splatfest, and all 23 of the previous Splatfest-specific stages will be making a reappearance, too. The 23 previous stages will surface in a constantly, shifting rotation for the first 48 hours, with the new stage making its debut for the final 24-hour period. Special in-game gear will also be distributed in honour of this Splatfest via players’ Nintendo Switch news feed.

Nintendo also announced that sometime after the Splatocalypse is over in late July, an update for the Splatoon 2 game will add Turf War (Splatfest) to the modes players with a Nintendo Switch Online membership can select in Private Battle. With this new mode, players will get to enjoy Turf War on 24 stages at night time, including the newest Shifty Station playable in the final Splatfest.

Sources: Twitter & PR email

Dream Daddy Switch bound

So, this is a thing. I’m not even sure how to take this news. It looks utterly barmy. The popular Dad dating sim from Game Grumps will be gracing our Nintendo Switch soon. So, enjoy, I guess.

Source: Twitter

FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch will be a Legacy edition

Boo and hiss! Revealed at EA play, FIFA 20 for Nintendo Switch once again will lack the bells and whistles of its beefier brethren, this time out being VOLTA Football. As always, EA is doing what EA does and being just an abhorrent organisation. If Konami want a piece of the Nintendo Switch pie, they should put Pro Evolution Soccer on Nintendo’s Hybrid system in a competent package and be done with it.

Source: EA Play @ E3 2019

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