[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 12/6/19

Nintendo do what everyone else don’t – bloody good games.

First up, a little recap from yesterday’s godlike E3 Direct. Check out our comprehensive list of everything announced, right here.
For good measure, here’s a little tease…

Source: Nintendo’s show stealing E3 Direct

E3: Super Crush KO New Trailer Released!

Graceful Explosion Machine creators Vertex Pop today released the latest trailerrevealing some gameplay details of the upcoming vibrant beat-em-up and run ’n gun hybrid for Nintendo Switch and PC, Super Crush KO. Currently being showcased at E3, Super Crush KO has players take control of Karen, a tough and fashionable brawler in a colorful world overrun by frantic robot enemies. Karen must wipe them out using punches, kicks and long-range combat in fluid combos on the way to save her cat Chubbz and (while she’s at it) humanity.

The trailer demonstrates special ground and aerial moves that players can obtain by visiting various food carts across the city. A pizza slice gives them the “Uppercut Slice”, a salty pretzel grants the “Twister Drill,” while salty sweet popcorn awards players with the “Air Pop” maneuver. Super Crush KO offers exhilarating fast-paced shoot-and-beat-em-up action, where players mix different moves into various easy-to-execute combos to launch waves of robots into the sky, juggle them and smash them into pieces. Featuring delightful hand-drawn graphics, a pastel color palette and a catchy soundtrack, this is an easy-to-pick-up, feel-good action game complemented with bright and stylish aesthetics, coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Source: PR email

Hori have made a ‘slime’ Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

To coincide with the launch of Dragon Quest XI S this September, Hori have gained the licensing rights to this somewhat wondrous thing.

No words yet on a Western release but it does seem unlikely. Items like this are why I’m thankful we live in a world with Play Asia.

Source: Square Enix’s Japanese Store

Friends of Nintendad NIS America bringing Disgaea 4 Complete + to Nintendo Switch

NIS America revealed Disgaea 4 Complete is heading to Nintendo Switch (and PS4) in all it’s glory. Unfortunately this news seems to be a bit lost due to the timing and the nature of the games revealed during Nintendo’s own presentation. However, I have it on very good authority from one of our own, Thirsty Nintendo himself, that this game deserves your attention. So, there you have it!

Source: NIS America E3 reveal

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