[PSA] Nintendad needs you

Written by Nintendad News

Join the best Nintendo site of tomorrow, today!

Do you love Nintendo? Does the smell of fresh ink, or the frantic tapping of keys get your creative juices flowing, making you moister than an oyster? Maybe you’ve always wanted an outlet for your writing and a platform to express yourself on?

If any of these questions have you yelping with the exuberance of a kid at Christmas, unwrapping their brand new N64 game, we’d love to hear from you.

We are currently looking to fill the current positions:

  • News Writer
  • Dedicated reviews
  • Guides Editor
  • Graphic artist / photoshop wizard

All positions are unpaid, as they are for every member of team Nintendad, but the perks include:

  • Access to the latest, and potentially greatest games available on the market today
  • The platform to showcase your talent
  • The chance to join an exciting team, offering exposure that increases exponentially week on week.
  • 52 weeks a year of unpaid holiday*

Got what it takes?

If you think you can bring something to the team, reach out to kieran@nintendad.co.uk, tom@nintendad.co.uk or chelsea@nintendad.co.uk providing the following information:

  • Any previous writing experience. This can be written reviews published elsewhere, a personal blog or a link to your amazon review history.
  • A mini review of your favourite game of all time. Try to sell it in around 400-500 words.
  • An e-cheque made payable to Dave who drives the 1A to Langley (he’s getting married next year. Weddings don’t pay for themselves!!)**
  • A written description of either the best pizza you’ve ever had, or your favourite flavour of ice cream. Make this as descriptive as you possibly can.

*Unpaid holiday is completely at the successful candidates discretion.
**Not a required action.

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