[News] Nintendad is Hiring, and We Want You!

Written by Abram Buehner

Are You Interested in a Games Journalism Job?

Here at Nintendad Manor, we’re working overtime to bring you the very best Nintendo Switch coverage on the internet, from reviews and news to features and previews. Of course, creating such content takes a great team. Here at Nintendad, while our opinion may be a bit biased, we truly believe that we have one of the best around. Yet, as our ambitions grow, the group has to grow in parallel to maintain our high quality in an oversaturated market. As such, dear Nintendad reader, we want you to join our family.

Joining the Team

Assuming the role of Staff Writer here at Nintendad is no small undertaking, and as we like to say, the pay is terrible, but the work is even harder. While you would be joining the team in an unpaid capacity, the role pays dividends in other ways, and we’re not just talking exposure.

As a Nintendad writer, you will have the opportunity to work alongside a fantastically talented and knowledgeable team. From college age to middle age, we run the gamut, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives that transcend generations. You’d also be able to write the kind of content that motivates and intrigues you, from news to reviews to features. Oh, and you’d get review copies of the latest games to keep, free and ahead of public release. So there’s that.

How to Apply

If your interest has been piqued and you’re itching to apply for the position of Staff Writer, the process is simple. Email abram@nintendad.co.uk with anything and everything that qualifies you for the position. We work remotely, so don’t let any geographical barriers stand in your way. Send in writing samples, links to published content, video work, social media accounts, anything that communicates your excitement and acumen for games journalism. Of course, a quick introduction doesn’t hurt, either! The floor is yours. Be creative and show us why you’re a good fit for the Nintendad team.

With all of that said, everyone here at Nintendad Manor is eagerly awaiting your application, and we can’t wait work alongside you. Without further ado, get those applications rolling, we’ll be in touch!

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