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Yacht Club Games is a video game company behind the great Indie title Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Shovel Knight was a game financially possible with Kickstarter. During that Kickstarter campaign came stretch goals, some entailing DLC, which were reached. These DLC’s led to practically 3 whole new games in the Shovel Knight universe. Each starring a boss from the original game. First, Plague Knight: Plague of Shadows. The one that followed was Specter Knight: Specter of Torment. Both were given nothing but praise. Best of all, if you have Treasure Trove, you have all the games.

What’s New

A lot… A whole lot. First of all, there was a King Knight: King of Cards trailer, the third and final Shovel Knight DLC game. The trailer shows off new items, new gameplay mechanics, and strangest of all, a new card minigame within the game. Then, there was new information on the fighting game, Shovel Knight Showdown. It revealed Mona to be a playable character (among many others), and showed off the Story Mode. There was also new content announced for the game, such as medals for when you beat a campaign and new Amiibo features. It also announced everything will come out sometime in December of 2019

I Really Dig This One

Biggest of all, a new game was announced. It doesn’t seem to be a true sequel, but it does have fun new puzzles and new digging abilities for the knight. Shovel Knight Dig also takes on a new art style, and a whole new area in the world of Shovel Knight. Very fittingly, it’s underground. More about the game will be announced in the future.

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Board of Video Games?

There’s a board game too. Shovel Knight Dungeon Duels. It’s still on Kickstarter if you want to support it (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pandacultgames/shovel-knight-dungeon-duels-0). The game promises to be new, innovative, and be for all fans Shovel Knight.

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