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Anybody else feeling Drowzee?

When it comes to ‘the future of Pokemon’ it’s always interesting to see how the Pokemon Company will look to innovate in order to keep their behemoth franchise fresh and relevant. Here are the key announcements from the recent Pokemon press conference.

Pokemon Sleep

Described as a brand new style of gaming, Pokemon Sleep will track a users sleep and ‘give them a reason to wake up in the morning’. That statement in itself seems somewhat morbid, my daughter would probably take great offence at a new Pokemon game replacing her as my reason for being…

Regardless, Pokemon Sleep will launch in 2020 as a mobile app and alongside a new Pokemon Go Plus + device to watch over your every sleeping moment.

The Pokemon Go Snorlax extravaganza

To offer some delicious synergy to this announcement, Niantic and the Pokemon company have implemented s new update for Pokemon Go. Now, when you log in there will be a whole plethora of sleeping Snorlax visible on your map. Alongside the news was a little mission statement from Niantic, outlining their Summer of content.

“The next few months are going to be filled with some amazing adventures—even Pokémon are getting ready in their own ways”

“We’re hearing reports from all over the world that Trainers are finding Snorlax in deep slumber. Do you think they’re getting ready for an eventful summer?”

Pokemon Home

In an interesting move, the Pokemon company announced Pokemon Home, the new go to place for connecting all your Pokemon devices, mobile and console based. Pokemon Home will allow eager trainers to collate all their Pokemon, across all devices in one place, similar to how Pokemon Bank works. It will incorporate mobile games such as Go, console experiences such as Let’s Go and the upcoming Sword and Shield, and also be backwards compatible with all Pokemon from the aforementioned Pokemon Bank.

Pokemon Masters

Created in partnership with Nintendo’s mobile partner, DeNA, Pokemon Masters will feature some of the most iconic names and faces in Pokemon history and is set for release later this year.

Detective Pikachu on Nintendo Switch

In what seems like a delayed announcement (surely releasing this alongside the movie would have printed cash money) it has finally been confirmed that the 3DS sleeper hit, Detective Pikachu will grace the Nintendo Switch, along with a new, more definitive ending.

Well, that was certainly something. What are you looking forward to? Sound out in the comments and stay tuned to Nintendad for all your Nintendo news, reviews and, Mews?…..

Source: Pokemon Press Conference

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