[News] Physical Switch Release Announced for Tricky Towers: Collectors Edition

Written by Anna Karasik

Toppling to Cartridge

At a time when multiplayer madness couldn’t be more welcome, Super Rare Games announces that Tricky Towers: Collectors Edition by indie developer WeirdBeard is getting a limited physical release on the Nintendo Switch. Get a load of this beauty:

The cartridge will include all six DLC packs, which feature new brick designs and characters. Tack on online multiplayer, and it’s no question that this £32.40 physical Collectors Edition is a steal. You’ll have to act quickly, though: only 4,000 copies will be available worldwide. Pre-orders begin on May 28th at the Super Rare Games website, so mark your calendars.

As if the game itself isn’t incentive enough: Super Rare’s physical release also comes with interior artwork, a 12-page manual, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards (which are randomly selected from a set of five. Gotta catch ‘em all!)

For the uninitiated, Tricky Towers is a physics-based puzzle game that’s a mixture of all the things we love about Tetris, Angry Birds, and Jenga. Up to four players can compete as they work to build the stablest tower, all the while working to take down their opponents. With spells flying about and bricks toppling over, it’s the kind of chaos that makes for a go-to party game.

We’re all ears on Twitter: will you be picking up Super Rare’s latest limited physical release?

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