[News] Paper Mario: The Origami King gets July Release Date

Written by Anna Karasik

Fold up your suitcase and crease your wheels – the Nintendo Switch is finally getting its very own Paper Mario game.

Nintendo announced that Paper Mario: The Origami King is set to join the Switch lineup on July 17th, retailing at £49.99/$59.99; of course, there will be a physical release, and the the digital download is already available for pre-purchase.

The new trailer reveals an eerie tale: King Olly of the Origami Kingdom wishes to fold up the entire world – and he’s started with Princess Peach! Oh, the humanity! As if matters couldn’t get worse, the evil ruler also transformed Bowser’s minions into folded soldiers. These new “origami” enemies with their bland expressions are certainly unsettling compared to the cute, sticker-like sprites we’re used to. 

Along with the new story comes new combat: now, Mario will take on enemies in a big fighting ring, where the goal is to line the scattered baddies up to maximise damage. Outside of combat, peeling away paper to reveal hidden secrets is a cinch with Mario’s new 1000-Fold Arms ability. Plus, just as in previous titles, we’ll recruit the help of some unlikely allies – including evil King Olly’s own sister, Olivia! But can she be trusted?

It will be interesting to see how Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser will act in the strange Origami Kingdom! One thing is for sure: we’ll need to fold up some paper fans, because it’s going to be a hot summer for the Switch!

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