[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 13/6/19

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I am Error

As the power went out at E3 yesterday, during Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation, Nintendo once again demonstrated their inimitable charm.

Long may they reign!!

Source: Nintendo Treehouse live at E3

Daemon X Machina Joy Cons are big bois!

It seems that Hori are at it again. Yesterday we brought you news of the Slime styled controller set to launch alongside Dragon Quest XI S, today it’s the turn of Daemon X Machina to get a custom Switch controller.

These beefy brethren to the traditional Joy Con will only work when attached to the Nintendo Switch, due to the lack of a battery. They also contain a button on the rear which can act as a variable speed trigger for rapid fire options.

These mavelous monstosities will launch in September for 4780 yen.

Source: Vooks.net

Breath of Wild 2 trailer contains a lot!!

The fine folk over at Gamexplain have done their thing and given THAT teaser a frame by frame break down. It’s certainly reveals a lot about the premise of, what is now seemingly, the most anticipated game in existence. Sorry Darryl.

Source: Gamexplain via Youtube

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