[News] Graceful Explosion Machine Gets Physical Switch Release

Written by Anna Karasik

Three years after blasting off to the Nintendo Switch eShop, Graceful Explosion Machine by indie developer Vertex Pop is getting released as a limited edition physical cartridge.

The £30 limited release includes a manual, exclusive sticker, and three trading cards. Super Rare Games is distributing just 4,000 copies worldwide, so mark your calendar for pre-orders on June 18th.

It’s no surprise that fans have been crying out for Graceful Explosion Machine to get the Super Rare treatment: with its geometric designs and rich hues, this game is absolutely deserving of proper, permanent cover art.

Looks are just half the battle, though, and this side-scrolling shooter is the full package for solo players. Dash through dozens of levels, take out alien armadas, and racks up huge combos. It’s just the ticket for anyone who loves to compete with themselves.  

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