[NEWS] Colors Live heading to Nintendo Switch via Kickstarter

Written by Paige Detlefsen

Colors Live is set to release on the Nintendo Switch following its recently launched Kickstarter campaign. This is the latest entry in the hit digital painting software series. The first Colors! game released on the DS having been downloaded over one million times, while Colors! 3D is the 10th highest rated 3DS game. To ensure that it works well on the Switch it’ll release with a specially designed pen.

Introducing the Colors SonarPen

Jens Andersson (the creator of Colors!) stated that he didn’t initially want to bring a new Colors game to the Switch as there is no proper stylus. However one of the developers of the Pressure-Sensitive Pen contacted him about it. Since then they’ve developed the Colors SonarPen which is a collaboration between Collecting Smiles and GreenBulb, who have been making a different version of the pen since 2018.

The pressure-sensitivity will act as a responsive way to control each stroke’s thickness and transparency by applying the right amount of pressure. It has a single shortcut button to select brush and colors. The software is designed to work with the physical buttons on the Nintendo Switch for a fast and intuitive navigation experience. The SonarPen plugs into the headphone jack of the Nintendo Switch for an easy connection.

The Colors SonarPen has no batteries or moving parts to ensure that it will work for a reasonably long time. It has been created to be durable and easy to repair, being made with mostly ABS plastic and no glue. The Colors SonarPen will ship with a spare nib, as they’re estimated to last around one hundred thousand strokes.

Colors Quest and a Live Gallery

This new Colors game will have a single player game mode, called Colors Quest, for you to return to every day. Jens says he’s “finally succeeded in making a fun game out of something purely creative.” As you’ll be tasked to draw something using a special rules and a theme. It’s designed to reward players for improving over time. The game has palm rejection allowing you to rest your hand on the screen while painting.

Colors! Live will be integrated with the currently available Colors Gallery, already hosting over four million paintings. You can browse the gallery here. These all have a Painting Playback allowing you to have a small look at the process of each drawing.

The First Batch of Digital Paint

The crowdfunding is to finish software development and manufacture the first batch of Colors SonarPens. Backers of the Patron and Super Patron levels will be able to access the Colors Live Software Beta not long after the campaign. This will run on Windows but has full support for drawing tablets.

Taking into account current events it’s still estimated their planned dates are possible, but production scheduling activities and deliveries could be impacted later. So far they’ve done all they can to ensure plans will progress on schedule.

Colors Live will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive as a Digital Download code for the eShop, releasing in Summer 2020 for America, Europe and Australia (Winter for them) and later in Japan approximately Fall/Winter 2020. You can find the campaign here.

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