[News] Exclusive SWAG to celebrate Big M’s 35th

Available to pre-order on the Nintendo UK store, right now

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware that it’s everyone’s favourite portly plumbers 35th anniversary this year.

To celebrate, Nintendo has decided to sell us all some more merchandise that we quite possibly don’t need. Given its relatively high retail price, paired with the global financial situation caused by the ongoing pandemic, the chances are we can’t afford it either. I guess that is why Bowser invented credit cards!!

There’s a lovely range of clothes, ranging from kids sizes 3-4 all the way up to grown-ass adult Ben and Jerry addict. Also available are the Nintendo Tokyo Exclusive Collection dubbed soft toys which include Cat Mario, Propeller Mario, Penguin Mario, Tanooki Mario and even Shoe Mario and you can even get a lovely Mario branded thermos, for all of your coffee needs. Oh yeah, a tote bag too, because why spend a pound on a bag-for-life when you can instead pay nine coins for one that you’ll never use. The life of a collector, eh?!

All-in-all, there is something for everyone. Check out the full range here and let us know in the comments what potentially life-changing merch you plan on picking up.

Source: Nintendo PR email

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