[NEWS] Kickstarter Hit Battle Axe Coming to Nintendo Switch

Kickstarter Hit Battle Axe to be Published by Numskull Games for Nintendo Switch

Battle Axe is an upcoming arcade style adventure that has recently hit its funding goal. While the funding period is still open for another week, Numskull games have announced that they will be publishing it for Nintendo Switch and other major platforms. Numskull games will be covering the physical copy production, with their aim to bring it to more fans of retro and hack-n-slash games. With a release window set for the first quarter of 2021.

Battle Axe Nintendad

The story is set in the land of Mercia where the people live in fear of the evil sorceress, Etheldred, far in the North. Every seven years her army will come and steal inhabitants for unknown uses, never to return. So far none have been able to stop this horror. Hope is yet to be lost as champions have been called to put an end to this reign of terror.

An Action Arcade Adventure

Battle Axe Nintendad

The game play will be a classic hack and slash arcade experience from a top down angle. Easily comparable to the likes of Gauntlet with enemy spawning generators and different hero classes. Which have their own abilities such as teleporting or dashing. This game will have local co-op for two players.

There are three playable heroes. One is Rooney, a pirate wielding a cannon to launch projectile cannon balls, or to simply inflict blunt damage. While Fae is a dual wielding fighter desperate to save her kidnapped sister. Last is Iolo the mage who shoots fireballs and can teleport.

The game will feature a level up system, and has a combo system to increase experience point gains. Other RPG elements include gold, and item use. Such as bombs, chickens to restore health or magic scrolls to smite your enemies. There will be some form of equippable item called artefacts. Gold can also be spent at the store to acquire items or you might find treasure chests, containing rewards or pain.

Another game play feature is the Evil Eye which will once per day (perhaps per level in game) debilitate anything it it’s path. With taking cover being the only way to avoid it. Not only does being hit stop you but will send hordes of enemies your way in your already vulnerable state.

Pixel Perfect Pictures

Battle Axe Nintendad

Battle Axe is created with gorgeous and highly detailed pixel art. Not only are the backgrounds well designed but there are numerous animations for both sprite movement and combat effects. This game will also have a superb soundtrack to set the hectic mood and contains voice acting.

It is being developed by a small team with a pedigree in 2D games. With Henk Nieborg (who’s worked on Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and Contra 4) as a designed and composed by Manami Matsumae (who’s made tracks for Mega Man and Shovel Knight), and is being programmed by Mike Tucker (having previously worked on Super House of Dead Ninjas and Xeno Crisis).

You can find out more about Battle Axe via its Kickstarter page and NumskullGames.com

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