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With 2021 in full swing, it’s time once more for Nintendad to adapt to the landscape. As Peer Schneider once told me – as soon as everyone is doing what you’re doing, re-write the rule book. We got plagiarised last year. A lot. From content straight up copied and pasted from our site to features that we launched appearing elsewhere, identical in almost every way, to social campaigns and more. We saw it all. But do you know what? I honestly don’t mind. Sure it’s annoying, especially when you’re on to what you think is something good, but it just shows that you’re on the right track.

I thoroughly believe that Nintendad is on the right track. 

So, in an altogether roundabout way, we’re back to the topic at hand.
Without further ado, I’m delighted to announce Voices By Nintendad.

What is Voices By Nintendad?

Voices By Nintendad

Voices By Nintendad is all about accessibility. While reading is a genuine pleasure for some (I personally favour it above all other forms of content assimilation), it’s not the most convenient. So that got me thinking, what is the most convenient? 


You can pop a bud in your ear, tune in through Alexa or load a new tab on your laptop and go about your day – be it chores, work or driving and listen to people and live your life through them. While podcasts are engaging, entertaining and enigmatic in equal measure, boy, do they go off the beaten track!! It can lead to all kinds of hilarity, sure, but sometimes you just want hard and fast information. Voices By Nintendad will bring all the best reviews and features, not only to all of your favourite podcast platforms but also from the content’s respective page, embedded directly. This will allow you to download the voice track, should you wish to listen to it at your convenience later. Not only will Voices By Nintendad offer more robust blanket coverage, but it will also allow people with sight issues or even learning difficulties to experience the comprehensive content we provide. 

We’re excited by the new audience that Voices By Nintendad will cater for, and as we move out of what has been a truly terrible year, we look forward to growing in 2021, together.

Episode Zero of Voices By Nintendad can be found here

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