[News] Human Things announce next product in the Genki range.

The Genki:ShadowCast is the gaming accessory 2020 demands

Human Things are back and once again are bringing something that nobody knew they needed to the table, but will absolutely want. Their last project, the Covert Dock, smashed Kickstarter records and although a global pandemic means none of us have travelled a great deal this year, it remains a Nintendo Switch accessory from the top-most tier. Well made, functional and robust! It ticks all of the right boxes. The pedigree of the Genki brand genuinely excites me, so it’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you the Genki: ShadowCast.

The Shadow Cast is a HDMI dongle, roughly the size of an adult male human’s thumb (Hey, it’s a thumb-drive!!) that acts as a console link, allowing you to play your favourite video games on the screen of your laptop. It supports inputs up to 4K too, meaning that it works with your PS5 or Series X|S. As well as rapidly displaying the image on your portable screen, via the custom-built app – Genki Arcade, Genki: ShadowCast is also capable of directly capturing footage and recording or streaming it directly, or via popular programs such as OBS and StreamLabs. Genki Arcade is an incredibly intuitive app too, which automatically detects your console, once running and displays the image on-screen, meaning that you don’t have to mess around with optimising settings to get up and running.

“We’ve always been big fans of console gaming and are always looking to add more flexibility of where and when we can play – the Nintendo Switch has definitely been a game-changer in this field,”

“But ever since we’ve been stuck in a series of lockdowns and working remote, the laptop has become where we spend a big chunk of our screen time. We wanted a seamless way to get close to the big screen console experience, especially in multiplayer, without the need to be tethered to a fixed television set.”

Eddie Tsai, CEO and co-founder of Human Things

Cast no Shadow!

Is that all that Genki:ShadowCast does you ask? No. No, it’s not. Because the wonderfully gifted technical minds over at Human Things think on a level that would make the heads of mere mortals such as ourselves implode, they’ve actually engineered Genki: ShadowCast to be detected as a webcam on your Laptop. This opens up possibilities for streaming that could literally change the game. On a macro level, you and a group of friends could set up a Zoom call and engage in a round of your favourite multiplayer game, all the while sharing your respective gameplay footage in a single screen, without the fuss of any editing. On a micro level, it can simulate couch co-op, online, bringing with it an intimate connection that has perhaps been lost in these unprecedented times.

The Genki:ShadowCast weighs in at a miserly 10 grams, is smaller than a thumb drive and has a price point starting at just $35, with a targeted release date of March 2021. Given its many functions and potential for changing the landscape of entry-level streaming, that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

For a lot more in-depth information and to back this project, check out the Kickstarter page.

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