[News] Gravilogic announce ‘Project Blackbird’

Written by Kieran Fifield

Introducing Project Black Bird

Friends of Nintendad and creators of one of our favourite Nintendo Switch accessories, Gravilogic, are at it again. Not being content with the stunning array of Switch Blades that they’ve already brought to the party, they’re having one last push at producing perfection.

Project Black Bird is the result of feedback from the previous iterations of the incredible Switch Blades and has been designed to match the natural aesthetic of the Nintendo Switch console. Trial and error has led to the Black Bird – an aluminium Switch Blade finished with powdered matte black, resulting in a durable and tactile finish that complements everyone’s favourite hybrid console to perfection.

Whether you are a fan of tabletop mode but tired of the Switch’s own flimsy stand, or just looking for the perfect vanity product to finish how your console looks docked, as the centrepiece of your hub, the Black Bird is the product for you. Like all Switch Blades, each individual blade houses it’s own fully adjustable stand that provides security and a full range of viewing angles.

Project Black Bird needs YOUR help

Each order comes with a pair of Switchblades (one for the left and for the right side of the console screen).

Project Black Bird is live RIGHT NOW and will run until May 8th 2020. Each pair of Black Birds will cost $35 US with an estimated shipping date of October 2020. The project will operate in a Kickstarter-esque manner. The goal stands at a modest 1050 units and if the target isn’t reached, no funds will be taken from potential backers. But that’s not a conversation we need to have. Let’s help this brilliant accessory get made.

  • Made of 6061 aluminum alloy.
  • Matte black power coated finish that gives it a great tactile finish.
  • Durable and corrosive resistant coating.
  • Features a deployable kickstand that folds seamlessly into the Switch profile.

Please note that due to COVID-19, there may be delays in production and shipping.

Source: Gravilogic PR email

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