[Yesterday’s News Today] Challengers Approach and Controversies Boil Over

Well, it’s been a busy week. We’ve laughed. We’ve gotten hype. We’ve shouted. A lot. For a bit of fun(?), follow along at home, keeping track of how many announcements this week caused an uproar. Join me today as we recount the biggest stories of the week!

It’s ARMS day, let’s go hit Sandbag

Since the name puns are dumb dumb, I will not be saying anything along the lines of “Min Min for the win win,” however, I will be celebrating Min Min getting invited to Smash Ultimate. While she wasn’t my first choice, seeing that beautifully hand-animated reveal trailer and robust character breakdown got me hyped. The announcement of a Vault Boy Mii Fighter costume was a great moment too. Naturally, that excitement had to be negated somehow, and what better way to do that than with fifteen minutes of Spirits discussion. Still, we got to see Masahiro Sakurai’s gaming setup, which justified the entire presentation’s existence alone. Min Min and her accompanying DLC content will launch on June 29th.

Minimizing Mobile

Nintendo’s mobile efforts as of late have done little more than draw the ire of core fans, who cite things such as Mario Kart Tour’s egregious microtransactions. I don’t blame them – the only thing worse than a watered-down soda is a watered-down Mario Kart game on mobile. Fortunately for many, Nintendo has announced plans to scale back their mobile ventures. This is most likely due to the depreciating returns on their titles. Not particularly surprising, considering that the Doctor Mario World team scraped right through the bottom of the barrel and into the floor to find new content ideas. I mean, Mr. Dolphin? Really?

Pokémon fans used Outrage

A prerequisite to being a Pokémon fan is owning a good pair of earplugs to drown out the yelling – a lesson that was duly noted after the reveal of Pokémon Unite, a MOBA coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile. If the like to dislike ratio is any indication, this reveal didn’t go over too well. That said, as the product of a collaboration with Tencent and Timi, Unite is in good hands. Considering that those teams have ample experience with the genre, and considering that Tencent is an absolute goliath of a company, Pokémon Unite has a lot in its favor. You wouldn’t get that impression from its reception, though. I mean, why take an interest in Pokémon branching out into a new genre when you could shout about how Unite isn’t a remake of a game you’ve already played? That does sound fun, I suppose. GIVE ME LET’S GO JOHTO!

You yell shark, we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July!

In news that’s sure to excite Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans that are happy to be spoon-fed content already in 2013’s New Leaf, the first wave of Summer updates are coming to the game on July 3rd. Bringing swimming, diving, and everyone’s favorite otter Pascal back into the fold, this update is sure to keep you logged into Animal Crossing for at least an extra five minutes each day. And if you thought that was all, fear not – a second wave of updates will be coming in August. Perhaps it’ll add Kapp’n and his island back into the game, or maybe it’ll add legitimately new content instead.

P.S. Ultimate, Melee ain’t done yet

Unlike last time at the Salty Suite, this underdog is deserving of your bet. Our proverbial Chillindude? A little game called Super Smash Bros. Melee that just received a rollback netcode patch. No need to change the channel on your CRT, that’s the truth. Fizzi36, a prominent coder in the Melee community, was able to retrofit this 2001 classic with a patch for the game’s PC iteration (wink, wink) that allows for rollback netcode and online matchmaking. Rollback netcode lowers latency, and in the case of Melee, makes Netplay obsolete by bringing the quality of online matches nearly to parity with local play. At least, that’s what pro Melee player Leffen said in his video, and he’s far more knowledgeable about these things than I am. This is an incredible technical achievement and a gigantic step forward for the resilient Melee community. I have the motivation to walk around my house muttering about johns and wobbling once more.

No More (Heroes) Gameplay

While the New Game + Expo showcase turned out to be an astonishing disappointment, at least the letdown was No More Heroes flavored. The livestream began with SUDA51 offering opening remarks while green screened in front of the world’s first No More Heroes 3 gameplay. Of course, SUDA himself took up most of the screen, so we couldn’t actually see much of what was going on. The good news, though, is that in comparison to the parade of same-y anime games that followed, this No More Heroes 3 tease felt exciting. With any luck, we’ll finally get some concrete details for No More Heroes 3 sometime soon.

The anime power hour

Speaking of the New Game + Expo, if words such as “Ys IX” or “Trails of Cold Steel IV” mean something to you, then the New Game + Expo may just tickle your fancy. These were just two of the major Nintendo Switch announcements from the showcase. The localization of Samurai Shodown Collection was another key announcement, as this package includes the previously unpublished Samurai Shodown V Perfect. While I have a staggering inability to care about any of these titles, the Samurai Shodown Collection does have rollback netcode (the buzzword of the day), which fighting games will be pleased about. However, this showcase didn’t go over particularly well, as SEGA was effectively a no-show, and Atlus only brought a trailer and demo for the port of Catherine. Twitter was, well, more than a bit peeved by this.

It’s about time to announce a Switch Port

Crash Bandicoot is back, but he isn’t headed to Nintendo Switch – well, not yet. Crash 4: It’s About Time has been officially announced for PS4 and Xbox One, and well, it looks great. This game seems to retcon anything past the (allegedly) classic PS1 trilogy of games while giving Crash 4 a distinct, gorgeous aesthetic. I’ve long ago decided that Crash 1/2 being bad games is the hill I’m going to die on, but even I’m impressed by Crash 4. Given the insane commercial success of the Crash Trilogy on Switch and the fact that Activision is currently “evaluating other platforms” to bring Crash 4 to, well, I have a feeling we’ll see the Bandicoot in our ecosystem before too long.

With that, you’re all caught up on all the happenings in the world of Nintendo. Stay tuned for next week, when we talk about that phenomenal Metroid announcement!


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