[Interview] Shotgun with Glitters

Written by Alex Laybourne

The Nintendo Switch is a platform loved by indie game developers the world over. Already regarded as being the go-to platform for game studios, all that was missing is a platform for them to make their voice heard and introduce themselves to their fans on a more personal level.

Today we are talking to Shotgun With Glitters, who released their first Switch title earlier this year. The Padre is a survival horror game that will take you back to the horror games of yesterday.

Can you tell us a little bit about the studio? How old is it 

We have been working together for two years now, but the core team has a longer working relationship.

How big is the team

We have 8 members working full time on our projects.

Where are you based?

Our company is based in Hungary but we are spread out through the region. We do not work in a common office.

Do you plan on setting up a central location?

Sooner or later, yes. We want to have a decent headquarters so that we can more closely on projects.

The name, Shotgun with Glitters is very imaginative, where did it come from. 

Thanks! The name is more interesting than the story. We were thinking about how to have a name that stands out. I (Bence) noted down about 15 ideas, and business partner (Balázs) voted for this as being the best one. The rest is history. 

How did you first get into video games?

We have always played a lot of games and really wanted to recreate the same sort of games we used to love in our childhood. We could not easily find them in the current market, so we are trying to make them now.

What is your earliest gaming memory?

ZX Spectrum. Raid over Moscow! No political correctness back in the day 🙂

That is a classic for sure. What about now? What is your favorite or go-to game right now?

Currently, I do not have a favorite. I like a lot of games but I have a list of loved old games.

The Padre was the second game you developed and the first to come to the Nintendo Switch. What made you choose that platform for your games?

The Switch is really an awesome and creative platform and the support is also the best. We also feel like that Indies have a better shot here.

How long did The Padre take you to make?

Two long years.

The atmosphere in the game is incredible, from the very first scene you feel it. What drove you to make a game in this genre and style? 

As I mentioned before, we wanted to make something that has the atmosphere of our old favorites, mixed with some new stuff. The focus was always the atmosphere of the game. We had a feeling in our mind and we wanted to pass that on our players.

The gameplay has been called a mix of Minecraft meets Devil May Cry. What were the core influences that inspired you when creating the game?

You need to think even further back to Alone in the Dark (1992). The original game in the series.

Ah yes, I can really see that now.

Can you give us a little insight into your development process? Did you scope out the story first?

We focused primarily on the atmosphere and central character and then wove the story around him. 

How did you go about building up the game and the puzzles?

We have built up the mansion and scenes and then we have created fitting puzzles, monsters, and events.

To be honest, it would have been better to forge the story fully first then do it the other way around. This ended up bringing a lot of limitations to the projects.

What were some of the problems you encountered while developing The Padre?

We had a bunch of bugs. It was really hard to make a combat system that went well with our camera placement. Actually, we probably designed it three times from scratch, and that part is still not the best in the game. 

You are active on Twitter. How important is interaction with your user base for you?

I really love to hear feedback from our users. I also try to answer all the questions they have on twitter or Discord. Players can help us rise and let us fall, so they are the most important ingredient in making a game.

User feedback and comments can at times be overly harsh and critical. How much attention do you give to reviews and comments from users?

I try to read everything and yes sometimes it is really hard to get harsh words, but I always think about them. If we failed to give a joyful experience we have failed in general. We have tried to address every issue we could from the feedback. 

Are you already working on or planning out a new game or is all focus on supporting The Padre at this moment?

We have already had projects being made and concepts forged. Life goes on. We would like to make a healthy project life cycle. 

We are entering one of the most exciting times to be involved in gaming. Where do you see the industry going?

This is really hard to answer. I see many paths the game industry will take in the years to come, not just one. To answer this I could write a small book!!

If you haven’t had the chance to pick up a copy of The Padre yet, you are missing out on a fun and atmospheric horror experience.

Shotgun with Glitters is definitely a developer to watch, for those that like games with story, make sure to check in on them from time to time, or maybe even give them a follow via the links below. They even have a newsletter so you never have to worry about missing an update.

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