[Interview] SwitchBlade creators Gravilogic

Meet the creators of your new favourite Switch accessory

I recently reviewed and helped promote a new company, Gravilogic, creator of the SwitchBlade, a brand spanking new accessory for the Nintendo Switch. You can find that very review right here. Evidently, Gravilogic smashed their initial Kickstarter goal within the first day of going live. I sat down with them to chat about the project, the company and what’s next for Gravilogic.


Firstly if you could introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about Gravilogic please?

Hello Nintendad audience. It is a pleasure and wonderful opportunity to be featured. My name is Emmanuel.

I’m Tim.

We both studied engineering in college and have been coworkers for about the past 6 year at an engineering startup.

We started Gravilogic as a way to develop and experiment with the ideas we had been collecting over the years. We actually have a list of ideas that we want to try and the Switchblades were the first to make it out of the pipeline.  We also wanted to develop a better business acumen for the consumer marketplace.  Our previous startup was a business-to-business company.

We also wanted to understand the crowdfunding space and learn how to design products for everyday people which is something we really didn’t have to do before.

The SwitchBlade is such a beautiful accessory. Could you explain its inception? With the kickstand being added at the last minute I’m curious; was this something that had been discussed, or a last minute ‘eureka’ moment?

We came together for about a week and just brainstormed ideas, weighing the pros and cons, determining what our goals and metrics for whatever project we would choose. One night our friend Austin complained that his Nintendo Switch looked like it was broken or missing something when the Joy-Cons are removed, which they often are because it is frequently docked.

I also noticed the same problem after I bought a Nintendo Switch. I never play in handheld mode either so the rails are always exposed for me. The reason I chose wood is because I enjoy working with wood and there is a bit of nostalgia with wood grain on electronics.

I was really excited about this project because the Nintendo Switch console had already sold about 20 million consoles at the time. It’s a little higher now. So the audience was specific and large. I also made one out of aluminum because I personally like metal over wood. There were actually several other designs that we came up with but decided to focus on those presented in the Kickstarter for a first run.

Yeah, the Kickstand was a last minute additional feature. We tried to get some feedback and had received pretty favorable reviews. However, one of the biggest complaints was about lack of functionality. The kickstand feature was proposed by the r/NintendoSwitch community on Reddit.  We then took a few days to figure out its implementation and manufacturing process. It was a game changing suggestion since a lot of people complain about the lack of stability of the stock Nintendo Switch kickstand and also the non-adjustable viewing angle.

With your Kickstarter goal being smashed on the 1st day of being live, did you ever expect the response to be this overwhelmingly positive? How are you going to deal with manufacturing such a large quantity of SwitchBlades?


We are grateful to our supporters that allowed us to surpass our campaign goal within the first 24 hours.  But our goal is to put this product in front of every Switch owner in the world and allow them to determine if this is the product for them.  We have prepared and estimated for the production of much much larger quantities than we have on Kickstarter so far. Thus we see no issues with fulfilling our pledges.  

Going back to my earlier question about the aesthetic aspect of the Switchblade – Was it always your intention to work with wood? It offers such a classy finish, for example the Cedar that is native to North America really gives the Switchblade an edge. No pun intended.

Yes, we have friends who successfully started their own company,
Elderwood Academy, by launching their first product on Kickstarter. They fabricate tabletop gaming products out of various types of wood also. Wood will always have a classy appeal, more so with all the plastic we are surrounded with nowadays.

Originally, we were only going to make the all of the Switchblades out of wood until we started experimenting with other materials and saw their potential also.

Once the dust settles on what has undoubtedly been a roaring success of a crowdfunding campaign, do you have anything else lined up, any new accessories in the pipeline? Will they be exclusive to Nintendo Switch? What’s next for Gravilogic?

We do have some other ideas that are Nintendo Switch accessories, some of which would be an expansion of the current Switchblade line. But continuing the Switchblade line depends on the overall reception on Kickstarter.  Regardless, with Gravilogic, we are leaving the door open to explore any idea or venture we may come across. 

And finally, Pikachu or Eevee? And who will you main in Smash?

Pikachu. I don’t even understand why Eevee is featured. Did I miss something? All I remember is Pikachu and Ash.

Eevee, because Eevee has so many potential evolutions. It probably speaks to my desire not to have my potential restricted.  

In Smash, easily, Captain Falcon. He has some of the most deadly moves in my opinion. F-Zero was one of the first games I had for Super Nintendo growing up although he did not show up in the game until F-Zero X.

Thank you both so much for your time and more importantly, your amazing vision in bringing the SwitchBlade to life.

The SwitchBlade Kickstarter runs until Saturday 15th December, 8.41 PM CET. Back it here.

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