Hello From Your Nintendad and Son

When I launched Nintendad back in April 2018 it was never meant to become the juggernaut that it did. It was only intended as an outlet for me to ramble incoherently and often about one of my great passions: Nintendo. It may seem strange to complain about being a popular media outlet with a fairly decent reach. However, with each and every new review published, I felt as though Nintendad was drifting further away from what I envisioned it to be. 

When we decided to go all-in on the next-gen bandwagon and made the transition over to BDG, I renewed the Nintendad domain, just in case I could ever pry Abram back from wherever he had landed and finally realise my vision for Nintendad, a vision that Abram and I ultimately share. The site is about providing personable, engaging Nintendo content that paints a picture in a couple of thousand words or so. In Abram, I found a kindred spirit, an informed confidant who, due to the generational difference, saw things within the Nintendo sphere similarly, all the while with an altogether entirely differently-tinted field of view. 

I can’t wait to once again bash our heads together and bring you all some – certainly in my case – off the cuff coverage on all things Nintendo. Thanks once again for stopping by.

~Kieran Fifield

Just under two years ago I had the opportunity to join the original Nintendad as a staff writer, and I was immediately welcomed into the family and culture. I truly loved it. The site helped me find my confidence and voice. In doing so, I began to collaborate more and more with Kieran. We conceptualized and innovated our way into a number of features and opportunities that opened new doors for the team and the outlet. Nintendad was truly producing wonderful Nintendo content that reflected the tenor and passion of a team filled with talent and creativity. 

But, I ended up leaving Nintendad prematurely for a gig at Comic Book Resources which serviced parts of my creative process but not the whole. I enjoyed this chapter, and it became a period of learning and growth. I needed that time away to be where I am now, equipped with the priorities and goals that I now have. That knowledge manifested itself in new skills, but also an understanding that something was acutely missing. That something was Nintendad, and the dynamic that Kieran and I had forged during our time working together.

When my exit from CBR became inevitable, the opportunity to resurrect Nintendad arose. I knew it was imperative that Kieran and I took this leap, doubling down on a brand and a concept that we both believe in wholeheartedly. This is Nintendo content not predicated on the typical carousel of reviews, previews and news. Instead, it’s predicated on the envelope-pushing pursuit of ideas. If you choose to support us, you’ll be buying into the type of coverage that foregrounds a philosophical and personal approach to gaming which is mediated only by a desire to write squarely from our hearts and to pipe that posturing directly to your computer screen.

The style of the site looks to reflect that goal. It’s stripped back because our prose is going to be leading the conversation. I believe in the elegance of the written word, and our aesthetic mirrors that. This is a place for long-form conversation and critique that will make you think in a new way, even if just for a moment. The journey is going to be an unpredictable one. As he noted, Kieran and I come from different generations and backgrounds, and the net result of those differences is a dynamic which offers a decidedly fresh lens into the industry and the inner workings of Nintendo. 

I truly cannot wait to embark on this journey with him and with all of you. I can’t project where the site will be in six weeks from now let alone in six months, which is part of why it’s all so exciting. This is a hub for the expression of our creativity and interest in Nintendo. I’m humbled by the notion that you – the reader – would take the time to pursue our ramblings, and I hope that we are able to offer something invaluable. If even ten percent of our energy is felt through Nintendad, then I truly believe this is a project worth backing. But I promise you this – we will ensure that one hundred percent of said energy soars alongside our work. Thank you for the opportunity to express what this industry and medium means to me.

~Abram Buehner