After half a decade, Hatch Tales finally has a release date on Nintendo Switch. Originally launched on Kickstarter as Chicken Wiggle Workshop, this cutesy creation tool swiftly reached its backing target. That was literally the only part of this project that was swift. Since then, it’s been a project bogged down by uncertainty.

In January 2022, Atooi Studio’s head, Jools Watsham said –

Happy New Year, Fellow Hatchlings!

I just wanted to pop by and wish you all a happy new year and I hope you all had a nice holiday break. Work on Hatch Tales has progressed at a steady pace over the past two months and it continues to do in 2022. I am confident we’ll complete the game and release it this year. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

The two previous updates were slightly over a year apart. Considering the success of the Kickstarter campaign Atooi’s silence has been deafening. But, here we are and whether you care for this title anymore or not, Hatch Tales finally has a release date.

It’s all set to land on Nintendo Switch on …

March 28th, 2024..

SOURCE: Kickstarter backer email

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