Nintendad Presents – Pro Ergonomic Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

Written by Kieran Fifield

Nintendad Presents – Pro Ergonomic Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

Here at Nintendad we love to help promote interesting and unique products that offer alternative or improved ways to play the already incredibly versatile Nintendo Switch. The latest innovation that we stumbled across is the Pro Ergonomic Grips for the Joy Con controllers. 

These have been designed to make the Joy Cons feel more like a conventional controller when playing in handheld mode and because of the unique way in which they are made, you can still pop the Switch on and out of the dock without first having to remove a cumbersome case.

Designed by a Nintendo fan for Nintendo fans. 

My goal as a Switch fan was originally to create an optimal console grip for my personal use. After searching the market, I have yet to come by a grip that has that comfortable console feel, and lets you detach the Joy Cons at will. So I decided to make one for myself and now I want to share it with my fellow Switch fans.~ Head Designer at ProSwitchGrips

  •  Perfect Fit. Design Puts Hands in Best Game-Ready Position.
  •  Perfect size. Suitable for all hand sizes. Suitable for gamers of any age.
  •  Ergonomic. Allows great mobility and extension for the thumb to hover over the joystick freely for maximum comfort. 
  •  Durable. Made out of high quality plastic.
  • Unique Design.
  •  Portable. Can be easily attached, removed, and stowed.
  •  Very lightweight. Streamlined for minimal bulk
  • Allows joycons to be detached with the grip on
  • Motion control compatible
  • Allows Switch to be docked with grips on
  • Compatible with battery cases that are currently on the market

The Kickstarter for this fantastic looking QOL product is live for a few more days, officially ending on Friday 18th January. Make sure you back now to avoid disappointment.

Check it out here.

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