[Hardware Review] Genki Bluetooth Adapter – Nintendo Switch

Written by Kieran Fifield

Genki Bluetooth Adapter by Human Things

When you think of the Nintendo Switch, what’s the main issue you have with the system?
Joy Con connectivity issues?
Maybe the heat that the console creates has literally cracked the casing of the system?
Life as a reviewer means you’re getting through SD cards quicker than Trump slurs hatred and racism?
No Bluetooth options and no headphone jack in the controller?
Let me just clarify, this is my personal list of problems that have befallen my own Switch journey; since that fateful day back in March 2017. The 1st 3 problems I’ve managed to get resolved,
Joy Cons returned to Nintendo, and subsequently repaired ✅
Super awesome atomic purple back plate carefully installed ✅
Replacement SD cards always at the ready ✅
That last one though, well the answer to that has evaded me, until now.
Introducing ‘Genki’ from Human Things. This Bluetooth adaptor arrives with the aim of offering latency free sound to travel from your Nintendo Switch (or other usb enabled devices for that matter) right into your brain via your earholes. {Totally not a made up word}

Bringing Sexy Back

Before talking about the product itself, let’s take a moment to appreciate how awesome the Genki looks. From the packaging, which is essentially a custom built Nintendo Switch game case, housing a kickstand that bares an uncanny resemblance to a butterfly knife, a mini mic, the BT adaptor itself and space for four game carts.
It’s a sleek package and further demonstrates the passion that the creators have put into every aspect of the Genki.
Now, the actual product itself is just as sexy and stylish as the packaging. The Bluetooth adapter allows pairing from 2 different sources allowing whole new levels of – to coin a very Nintendo phrase, sharing the Joy. Connection is a doddle, simply press the pair button on your by device, hold the button on the Genki and it will seamlessly pair with your headphones, car headset or speaker.

The Sound of Success

The 1st time I tried the Genki out I did it with a pair of JVC’s, my favourite headphones due to the extreme comfort that they offer. Unfortunately, due to them being an older model using bt 3 there was a little bit of a delay, and as such weren’t ideal for review. From the instant that I paired them with my Optama NuForce Be3’s  I instantly knew just how good this product was. The lag was gone and the sound delivered was clear and crisp. All of a sudden I wanted to replay all my classic Switch games, the ones with epic soundtracks – BoTw, Mario and Rabbids, Super Mario Odyssey and of last, but in no ways least – Xenoblade Chronicles and the absolutely incredible DLC, Torna ~ The Golden Country.
Then I got a review copy of Monster Boy…..
And when Smash Bros. Ultimate launched and I was able to make an epic Nintendo playlist, nonchalantly toss my Switch into my backpack and listen on the commute to work, well – that’s the moment that this product went from awesome accessory to must have product. 
I ended my vigorous testing of this delightful device playing through two wonderful musically oriented offerings – GRIS and Aareo, both which were utterly stunning in handheld mode, just nonchalantly being experience with great sound quality and no wires.
Seriously, it made a world of different and elevated these games to whole new levels.
Even if VGM isn’t your proverbial jam, listening to dialogue in your favourite title or unwinding with some YouTube funnies on the train after an arduous days graft, without the shackles of cable management is utterly indulgent.

Love me 2 times baby!

Syncing 2 pairs for some multiplayer fun is an absolute doddle and once paired, the Genki remembers them for quick fire future Mario Kart sessions on the fly.
The device slots snugly into the USB C port of the Nintendo Switch and the console recognises it as a USB audio device. Clever stuff. At the bottom of the device there is also a USB C pass through port meaning that you can charge your device whist it is in use, which doesn’t take away from the fact that the Genki BT adapter uses absolutely miniscule amounts of battery life. In fact it actually consumes less delicious Switch juice than the systems own internal speaker.
The range of the device is also absolutely stellar. One afternoon while carrying out that most monotonous of chores, hoovering, I decided to take a break from the static whirring of the vacuum and instead popped my Genki unit into my Switch and listened to some Big Blue on blast instead. 
It was truly glorious and not only did it sound great, it performed amicably too, never stuttering on cutting out despite my Switch being 2 rooms away.


All in all the Genki is a must have product for any disconcerting 
audio enthusiast as well as for all the handheld advocates out there. As well as that it is utterly ideal for people who commute and like to use their Nintendo Switch but would rather just pair it with their airpods or Beats by Dre. than lug around a set of cabled headphones.
Both the product itself and the packaging are undeniably beautiful and what Human Things have done is make a practical and very clever little accessory that makes all other solutions seem cumbersome and obsolete.

The best solution to wireless sound on 
Nintendo Switch.

Highly Recommend for commuters and 
handheld aficionados alike.


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