Now You’re Playing With PowerA!!

The measure of a man is what he does with PowerA 

Now that nintendad is really starting to grow legs,and become more than just a place for me to vent my sometimes mad ramblings, I decided it was time to do what any blogger worth their salt does, a good old fashioned brand collaboration.

Deciding on who to partner with was a tough call. As regular readers will see, in the coming months I will be throwing together a few features, one exploring the definitive accessorises for Nintendo Switch, one that looks at unique and intriguing products, products that offer even more unique ways to play.

From the early days of the inception of the 1st feature, one name stood out as a leader in the accessories market . 

I reached out to PowerA after seeing the quite brilliant looking Enhanced Wireless Controllers, to give them their full name. That was it for me, my mind was made up, PowerA would be my inaugural brand collaboration.

I was immediately impressed by the bold and bodacious designs and so contacted them in the hope of reviewing their product. The Diablo III controller especially caught my eye.


Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t to be and they couldn’t provide a unit for review, understandable considering my low volumes of traffic and relative greenness on the scene. 

Every cloud has a silver lining

My contact did ask to take a delivery address as although he couldn’t send the controller, he’d send a little courtesy pack out nonetheless. 

Suffice to say, I wasn’t expecting this.

As a courtesy, I thought I would like to talk a little bit about all the products they sent over, all of which will be linked if you fancy getting your hands on any of it.

Everyday next week, I will be reviewing a product Monday through Friday, right here at

Check back in on Monday for the 1st review but until then,


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