[Nintendatorial] Every Zelda Ever

Written by Kieran Fifield

If you’re a fan of Nintendo, the chances are you’re a fan of The Legend is Zelda, a series that’s every bit as iconic as Nintendo’s official moustached mascot.

I’ve always wanted to play through all the (cannon) Zelda titles so decided to bite the bullet and make a start on the franchises origins story, Skyward Sword. I also thought that it would be as good a time as any to start streaming, so I set up a Twitch channel at the same time, and over the next few months, as long as it takes really, I’ll be playing through all the games in this iconic series.

Once Ocarina of Time is complete and the timeline splits, I will be going over to either the second or third branch, leaving the first for the remake of Links Awakening when it eventually releases later this year. I’ll probably host a Twitter poll to determine which branch to deviate to next before ultimately culminating, once all three timelines have been accounted for, in a second playthrough of Breath of the Wild, something that I never thought I would do.

At 1st, these streams will be solely gameplay footage as I will be doing this late at night whilst the family sleeps, however, once the weather perks up a bit and my conservatory ceases to be a walk-in freezer, I may set up a little late night studio out there and at least give all you lucky people the delectable tones of my voice to accompany the stream. Who knows, maybe I’ll set a camera up too one day??!

Ive already hosted a test run and managed to enable my 3DS to stream content, so as of the week beginning February 25th, I will be embarking on an epic quest through the ages. It would be great if all of you could join me.

If you feel like checking out the streams, make sure to follow the official Nintendad channels-


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