[Nintendad Presents] The Switch Fix

Written by Kieran Fifield

The Switch Fix

The majesty of the Nintendo Switch lies in it’s versatility. Whether you choose to play in docked mode with Joy Con or a Pro Controller, Table top mode with Joy Con or a Pro Controller or Handheld mode with Joy Con or… oh, wait – it’s not possible to play in handheld mode with the comfort afforded to you by a Pro Controller.

That is, until now. Introducing the Switch Fix from intrepid designer, Austin Stark. The Switch Fix is a claw like clamp device that clips onto your Pro Controller and, via the Joy Con rails, slide into your Nintendo Switch console, securing it in place. What it allows is simply, to pen an old cliche, game changing.

Hybrid oversights

Whilst Xbox and Sony are locked in a polygon war which will likely culminate in the destruction of the human race, Nintendo; as they so often choose to do, have decided to tread their own path and offer a hybrid device that suits the gaming needs of everybody. There have been oversights though – Bluetooth audio connectivity, battery life and Joy Con drift, along with general comfort in handheld.

The Switch Fix addresses two of these issues and in the process, has this humble scribe begging the question of how he ever played in handheld before. I’ve since tried, and simply put, I cant go back. The standard feeling of the Nintendo Switch just feels too rigid now. It’s almost akin to going back and picking up a NES controller in 2019. It’s not comfortable in any way, which I’d never really noticed before. Also, the Joy Con really don’t feel at all stable when attached to the side of that little black box.

But this post hasn’t been created to highlight the flaws of Nintendo’s hybrid, but rather to review the Switch Fix. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Handheld gaming, redefined

Visually, the Switch Fix is an elegant, if not overly intrusive looking accessory. My own personal review unit was personalised with the website’s URL, a nice touch from Austin. Aside from that, it simply goes about it’s business as you would hope for something that you’re trusting to house not just your Nintendo Switch, but also your Pro Controller too. The Controller clips into place and is secure, there is no travel once it had been correctly attached.

The Nintendo Switch also remains absolutely secure, as it connects to the Joy Con rails. Simply put, your Nintendo Switch isn’t going anywhere.

The Switch Fix also doubles up as a stand for everyday use. It will balance on any flat surface, meaning you can use it for tabletop games of Smash as well as for all your single player needs.

The main issue I had when I found out about this product was if it would cause any damage, either to the hardware or cosmetically.
After using it for over a month now, and subsequently inserting and removing all of my beloved bits on numerous occasions, I can safely say that my concerns were unfounded.

Once up and running, the Switch, and as a result the screen, can be tilted across a full spectrum of viewing angles. This allows you to play however you like, be it laying down on your back with your hands resting on your torso or sitting slouched in your favourite arm chair.

Weight a minute?!

The first thing that was noticeably a departure from operating the Nintendo Switch with Joy Con attached was the weight discrepancy. Obviously, the added accessory along with the Pro Controller made handheld gaming feel a lot heavier. I briefly thought that this might be an issue but I soon grew accustomed to it and again, any lingering doubts rapidly subsided.

All in all, the Switch Fix is a must have for any advocate of handheld gaming. It just works. Within an hour of using the product, I honestly couldn’t imagine ever going back to the discomfort of holding my Nintendo Switch with Joy Con attached. Even the thought of it makes my hands cramp up.


  • A literal game changer
  • Provides unparalleled comfort
  • Sturdy and secure


  • The weight difference is noticeable

The Switch Fix redefines how we play in handheld. Essential for the handheld aficionado

A must buy!

If you want to register interest in this product head to the Indiegogo page here, and sign up for the mailing list.

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