[Nintendad Coffeehouse] The Mario 35th Anniversary Announcements were Strange, but not Really in a Good Way

Written by Mel Curtis

We All Saw What Happened

Like many of you, I had the joy of getting to learn about all the new goodies that Nintendo has coming in celebration of Mario’s 35th Anniversary this year. There are some things in here I think are really exciting and am really looking forward to, but there are some things I have some concerns about. Specifically, I’m pretty unsure of how the Super Mario 3D All-Stars game is being handled.

On Omission

It’s really exciting to see these games all getting released together for the first time, but there is one clear and somewhat glaring omission, Super Mario Galaxy 2. While it is true that this title sometimes can get overlooked when talking about the 3D Mario titles, it’s not because it wasn’t well received. It’s one of those games that just didn’t leave as much of an impact as it’s big brother.

However, this does mean that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is going to be the only one of the major 3D Mario titles that won’t be available in high definition and one of few that isn’t on the Switch itself. This is really disappointing to see and at some point we have to wonder if Nintendo plans on keeping this game trapped and quarantined forever on the Wii or if it will eventually have a spot in the sun again. This omission almost seems to confirm that they don’t consider it to be one of the greats of the series.

On Scarcity

There is also the issue of the limited release that the game is going to have. With a release NEXT WEEK on the 18th of September, there isn’t much time to get things together to pick this one up. With how the game is being said to be limited in physical copies and it being unclear exactly what that means, those who care about getting a physical edition are going to want to jump on this as quickly as they can.  Not only that, but the digital edition is limited as well, available only until the end of the end of March 2021, which is only about six and a half months. After this point, you’re not going to be able to buy it, even if you are able to re-download it after having to delete it to make room on your switch or moving to a new Switch entirely.

Here’s the thing, we’re kind of in the middle of a global pandemic and as a result of shutdowns and other related events, there are a lot of people who are out of work at the moment. When you’re low on funds, you have other priorities to look for before catching up on the latest games. However, if you’re finally ready to pick this game up a year from now, it’s not going to be available digitally and physical copies are going to be hard to get a hold of. However, with it being discontinued, the price of those physical copies is going to go up. Pokemon SoulSilver was an exceptionally popular game at the time of release and copies at that time were not limited in any way, but the price now has inflated to multiple times the original release price because there are no new copies being produced and those that are out in the wild are dwindling. 

No matter how you look at this, there is no way there is not going to be a culture of scalping around this game that drives the price up, either immediately after the game is no longer available or within a few months of that point. It’s just bad for the consumer no matter how you look at it. At least limited run boutique physical editions aren’t holding people back from purchasing the digital edition if they just want to enjoy the game. You can argue all you want that the original version of Super Mario All-Stars was a limited release, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good consumer practice now. It’s fine to limit the physical release run, but to take away even the option of a digital purchase is a step too far.

On the Aftermath

I also have some concerns about what is going to happen when this game is no longer available on the eShop. Nintendo hasn’t said anything about what is to come after March 31st, but it is strange for them to just give up on the money that could be made with purchases of this bundle down the line. It gives the impression that there might be some way to obtain these games later on. I can’t help but worry that Nintendo will sell these three games individually after the time for the All-Stars pack has passed by, potentially at a higher price than before.

How to Feel About All This

No matter what, we all know that “Nintendo’s gonna Nintendo”. They’ve always had practices that are strange or odd and sometimes those practices do end up not being very good for the consumer, unfortunately. However, you don’t need to boycott the game or anything like that, but we should make our voices known to Nintendo that this practice is going to be bad for anyone who doesn’t or can’t get it right away.

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