[Nintendad Coffeehouse] When’s Mahvel?

It’s no secret that I love fighting games. I cut my teeth on Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but my true love for the genre blossomed when I experienced Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 at my local mall. It changed my idea for what a fighting game could! It was 100% insane and 100% fun. 200% is good math right? Years later we did get a true sequel, but it didn’t have the same flare for me. It’s “Ultimate” iteration was better, but it still didn’t have the same GOTCHA factor.

The world stood still for a moment in 2016 when another sequel was announced. Yet, something didn’t seem right. Maybe it was the odd facial designs or the insistence on characters found in the MCU. Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite came and went, and the world at large was not pleased. Sadly, even DLC couldn’t help the game as support dried up less than a year after release.

New Age of Heroes

As it stands now, we haven’t had an exceptional Marvel fighting game in years, Ultimate MVC3 released in 2011. The real glimmer of hope is that Marvel has put out two exceptional games in recent years, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ultimate Alliance 3. Yes, it can also be argued that the recent Avengers game was a let down but it still has time to rebound. So two out of three isn’t bad, right?

The stage is set now for a return, a true return of Marvel’s fighting game legacy. What form will it take? Who will develop it? What will the roster look like? These are all questions I’ve been mulling over in my head. I put together some thoughts for what could really make this a major win for Marvel.

I Don’t Even Know Who You Are

Before we can get to what the game should be, we should discuss who the developers could be? I have three candidates for my shortlist of developers: Capcom, Netherrealm and Arc System Works. Capcom used to be the only company that I could ever imagine being behind a Marvel slugfest. They have years of practice working with the characters and have developed many a move set that could easily be used in a new MVC title or a stand alone Marvel game. I would be worried though that their over reliance on DLC and falling market share in the fighting game scene could mean that Marvel would steer clear.

With that being said, MVC2 is still my favorite fighting game of all time and if we received a modern port with solid netcode, I would be a happy camper. Getting a true sequel in the form of MVC4 would be the dream and I know I’m not alone in wanting a roster that would have at least 56 characters (more via DLC). I would also be happy with a sequel to Marvel Super Heroes, but with an equally large roster!

Kombat Kings

My next choice, and original first pick when brainstorming this article is Netherrealm. With countless experience with both Mortal Kombat and DC’s Injustice series, NR could weave a deep and fascinating tale in the Marvel Universe. Injustice 2 had one of my favorite super hero story lines of any game I have ever played and giving them the keys to the Marvel kingdom could mean great things, since MVCI had a deeply lackluster story mode. NR also has experience working with the Switch, meaning the title has a great chance of making its way over. Also, this could mean the possibility of a Marvel Vs. DC game…

My one major worry is that the style of gameplay shown in Injustice isn’t my favorite. Yes, it is flashy and fun, but the combat can get old at times, especially with the 3 button combat set-up. I would still love to see what could become of a NR developed Marvel game, but there is one more studio that needs to the chance to make a Marvel game for true believers…

Big Man in Japan

This recommendation feels more like a fan’s fever dream. Arc System Works currently has so many fighting game projects on their plate. It’s almost impossible to think about them adding another. At this point in time, they are making Guilty Gear Strive and a new Blazblue title while working on DLC for Dragon Ball Fighterz, Granblue Fantasy Versus and maybe even Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

With all of this on their plate, if they were able to find time to develop a Marvel fighting game, I have zero doubt it would be extremely stylish. Just comparing what was done in their Dragon Ball title, it could be 1000% bonkers. I would also recommend it be a 3v3 fighter as Arc Sys has shown they have competence with the system. On the downside, their story modes, while chocked full of content, tend to be more bloated than anything. I would worry that it may be a bit much for most Marvel fans, but I would love to be proved wrong.

Choose Your Character!

There have been countless characters that have appeared in Marvel fighting games and with the MVCI, I felt that so many great choices were simply ignored. Below will be a list of 20 characters I feel need to make a first appearance or return. Obvious choices like Iron Man, Cap, Wolverine and Spider-Man will not be on the list, as they have appeared in so many titles.

  1. Carnage
  2. Blade
  3. Green Goblin / Norman Osborn
  4. Phyla-Vell
  5. Adam Warlock
  6. Mister Fantastic
  7. Multiple Man
  8. Sentry
  9. Apocalypse
  10. Cable
  11. Kang the Conqueror
  12. Knull
  13. Kulan Gath
  14. Mojo
  15. Mandarin
  16. Mephisto
  17. The Punisher
  18. Silver Surfer
  19. Kindred
  20. Sugar Man

This list is my own personal wish list, which is heavily inspired by the comics I have read, i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man and X-Men, along with some odd balls such as Secret War and Savage Avengers. No matter who makes the roster, I believe that diversity will make it stronger and having a wide berth of characters will get more fans excited.

The Future is Yours

I have poured my ideas onto this page and could continue to do so for ages, but now I want to know what YOU want in a new Marvel fighting game. Do you even want one? Sound off in the comments and let me know why my choices are awesome or complete garbage! The more we talk about it, the better the chance Marvel takes note! Thank you, true believers!

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