[Nintendad Coffeehouse Lite] How Smash Bros Melee Changed Me!

Carry Me Back to Old Nintendo

Even though I am a huge fan of the Nintendo 64, I never owned one during its hey-day. I became a Sony kid because my sister acquired a PSX instead of a 64. I missed out on a whole generation of Nintendo games, with the exception of playing a few at a friends house. Years later, I would be pulled back into the realm of Nintendo with the Gamecube. When I purchased this small, cube shaped device, I also picked up Metroid Prime and Super Smash Brothers Melee. I felt really bad for Prime, as it quickly became overshadowed by the beast that is Melee.

What’s This? What’s This!?

At first glance, it seemed like any other fighting game, but with Nintendo Characters. This was odd, but I was game to give it a try. I had heard great things about the previous entry and after finally getting my hands on it, there was no turning back. I would casually play this title for the next few years, until that fated day, when I played Smash in College.

I assumed I was pretty amazing at Smash as most of my high school friends couldn’t hold a candle to me, but my university friends also played a fair bit of Smash. I was trounced over and over again. To say I was appalled was an understatement! How could everyone else be this good? I had to train, I had to become better!

Smash to Completion

On my journey to “get good”, I decided I wanted to 100% the title as well. Being a completionist wasn’t something I was known to be. Sure, I would beat games, but I would never aim to get everything, with the exception of DKC2. Over the course of the next summer, I completed every event, beat every mode with all characters, and got every trophy.

It was tedious at times as some of the trophies felt like a real grind. Break The Targets required learning the nuances of all of the characters, with some driving me bananas! If it wasn’t hard enough completing the levels by themselves, you had to do so rather timely to earn a different trophy.

The Final Battle

Completing the final event may have been the greatest achievement I have ever experienced in a game. This was before many video guides were available, so I replayed it countless times. Each time I failed I would try a new character or new strategy. When at my wits end, I began messing around with Jigglypuff, who I believed to be extremely weak. Wasn’t I wrong? Jigglypuff’s down special, Rest, straight up destroyed Giga Bowser. My jaw was on the floor, but I found hope!

By the time I completed the final battle, I felt like I had done the impossible. Everything was complete. Nothing was left for me to accomplish. I felt ready to challenge my friends and to show them that I wasn’t a scrub after all.

When the new semester started, I was finally able to compete with my friends. I put hundreds of additional hours into the title and have been an avid fan of the series ever since. Smash competition is something I miss. I don’t see the same set of friends anymore, but I can relive those days via Smash Ultimate’s online play! If Smash has effected your life, like it has mine, let me hear your story. Maybe over a match or two!

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