[Nintendad Coffeehouse] A Letter from Your Former Editor

Written by Abram Buehner

Dear Reader,

Just under a year ago, I received a Twitter DM inviting me to join Nintendad. I was coming off a writing hiatus, and I accepted the position happily. I didn’t accept with any expectations beyond simply writing some game reviews and making new friends. I certainly had no idea what my tenure at Nintendad would grow into. I definitely didn’t foresee I’d be stepping away from the team after assuming the position of Editor-in-Chief.

While I’ve loved my time at Nintendad, I have to close this chapter in my career and take my next step. This is the last piece of writing that I’ll have on Nintendad for the foreseeable future, as I transition into writing full-time for Comic Book Resources. I’m the newest recruit to that site’s gaming features team. I’m ecstatic. In many ways, it’s the next step toward realizing my lifelong dream to conquer games journalism. I’m ready to settle into my new role and produce a body of features content that I can hang my hat on.

At the same time, I write this letter with a hollowness, as I’m not ready to leave you all yet. To be blunt, leaving Nintendad sucks. This site has provided me with more than I could possibly express in this missive. It provided me with an outlet to express my thoughts and ideas on a scale I never thought I’d have access to. It allowed me the space to succeed and fail while learning equally from both. It took me to PAX East, which will go down as one of the best weekends of my entire life. Above all, though, it introduced me to a new group of friends.

Those friends comprise the almost unbelievably talented staff here at Nintendad. As such, I don’t really want to spend this last piece droning on about my accomplishments or what I brought to the site. After all, I’m not truly leaving you all. My fingerprints are all over Nintendad, from the various branding, features, and logos I created to my body of written work, I like to imagine that my touch will never really fade.

However, I’ll still be gone in a material sense. So, I want to take a moment to say everything I never got to say and leave this last contribution to Nintendad lingering in the air as I fade into the night. I want to spend my last words as Nintendad’s Editor-in-Chief celebrating the people who made my time at the site as magical as it was.

Anna Karasik is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever met. Every time I had an opportunity to read her work I learned something new. From new stylistic moves to rhetorical appeals, I constantly looked to Anna’s work as an example of all I still have to learn. I was lucky to have her as my deputy editor. Thank you for everything, Anna.

Derek Wright has a depth of knowledge and kindness about him that I hope to have myself. I had the pleasure of attending PAX with him, and my only regret is that we didn’t get to just have dinner together and chat. He’s enthusiastic and engaged, personable and talented. He’s up for anything, always willing to help, and knows more about retro gaming than I could ever learn. I’m so thankful I was able to bring Derek on as a deputy editor and work more closely with him in my last few months. Thank you for everything, Derek.

Mel Curtis brings such a great energy to the team. She’s always up to take on new projects, and her Coffeehouse pieces are some of my personal favorites. Her drive to learn and create pushes me to be better. I’m so happy that I was able to bring her on as deputy editor in my last few weeks. Thank you for everything, Mel.

Lachlan Bruce worked with Nintendad before my time really began. However, I was lucky enough to record one podcast with him, and it was a wonderful experience. Lachlan opened my eyes to podcasting and showed me how much I love the format. I owe a lot to him. Thank you for everything, Lachlan.

Paige Detlefsen may not be with Nintendad at the moment, but she brought such a unique perspective to the team. She also brought a unique time zone, being Australian and all. I really enjoyed working with Paige and helping facilitate her coverage of various visual novels that I couldn’t begin to understand. She opened my eyes to a new genre, and she’s just a talented writer to boot. Thank you for everything, Paige.

James Fairbanks is a recent addition to Team Nintendad, and one of its most promising. James’ wheelhouse is video content, and I’ve seldom been so engaged by video reviews as those that James puts out. His scripts are thoughtful and funny, and I can’t wait to see more of his content. Thank you for everything, James.

Tucker Hazell wasn’t with Nintendad for long, but he still made an impression. Together we recorded one of the Nintendad YouTube channel’s only video discussions, which was a ton of fun. He also offered plenty of helpful advice as to how the site could be improved, both on and off the record. Tucker is a personal friend of mine, after all, and we still podcast together every week. Shameless plug. Thank you for everything, Tucker.

Myles Jordan brought a fresh enthusiasm to each piece he wrote. His review of the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ is one of the site’s best, and it single-handedly sold me on the product. He writes with such conviction, and that’s a great talent to have. Thank you for everything, Myles.

Brett Hill consistently brought great work to the table. He’s always up for checking out a new project, and he’s always a pleasure to chat with on Slack. I truly enjoyed every piece of his that I edited, and I can’t wait to see what he does next. Thank you for everything, Brett.

Geoffrey Jewell had to step away from Nintendad to focus on other facets of life, and I’ll always wish he was still here. Geoffrey write with such an earnest and engaging voice. I truly believe that his writing is some of the best that this site has seen and will ever see. I wish him nothing but the best. Thank you for everything, Geoffrey.

Mark Maultby brought a sharp critique to everything he wrote. I always knew that a piece from Mark would be a thoughtful and well argued affair, and his pieces truly resonated. If only he was still writing. Yet, the reviews of his I did get to collaborate on were deeply engaging. Thank you for everything, Mark.

Kevin Orme is a firecracker. His work hypes me up like nothing else. Kevin writes and speaks about games with such an unfiltered passion and enthusiasm that I wish I had. Heck, I wish I had ten percent of it. I’m so glad that one of the last major projects I took on was in collaboration with him. Kevin is a true asset. Thank you for everything, Kevin.

Alexander Parente is a new addition to the team, and one of its brightest. Alexander brings such a commanding knowledge about video game history and development to the table. His work is so thoughtful and informative. I learned so much from him in such a short amount of time. Thank you for everything, Alexander.

Frank Sloan is an honest, passionate, and kind member of the team. He always speaks his mind, and he always brings great vibes. It’s a pleasure to work with Frank, and I’m always excited to see what he’s up to. Plus, he’s quite the talented reviewer, and ought to give himself more credit for his writing. Thank you for everything, Frank.

Abi Smith has such a command over her writing. She writes with such an open-minded whimsy, covering games that are completely outside my wheelhouse. Yet, she tackles them so elegantly that I’m always captivated by her work. Thank you for everything, Abi.

Richard Strachan has the best accent of Team Nintendad. There, I said it. Beyond that, though, Richy is so much fun to work and chat with. He’s unabashedly Richy, and that’s a compliment to the highest degree. I’m really glad that he started working on some video content to supplement his already excellent writing, and I can’t wait to see where he goes. Thank you for everything, Richy.

Joachim Ziebs brings a thoughtful and unique perspective to the team. Fluent in multiple languages with a penchant for Japanese imports, I always love what Joachim brings to the site. His pieces about imported artbooks and the Japanese-exclusive Yo-kai Watch Switch games are some of my favorites on the site. He always has something new to teach me. Thank you for everything, Joachim.

Thomas Haroldsen is calm, collected, and a wonderful leader. Thomas speaks softly but offers so much. I can always turn to him for help and guidance, and he’s such an asset to the team. He’s a skilled writer, elegant editor, and an all-around great man. Nintendad is lucky to have Thomas around. Always the thoughtful voice in the conversation, Thomas has taught me so much on the editorial side. Thank you for everything, Thomas.

Finally, we’ve reached Kieran Fifield. Kieran is one of the most enigmatic men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He’s driven and passionate to a degree that I can’t possibly capture, but I constantly try to emulate. Seldom a week would pass without Kieran throwing a half-dozen concepts at me and working with him to realize those was beyond important. Kieran’s guidance means more to me than he’ll know. He’s hilarious, caring, smart, dedicated, and someone who I feel truly grateful to consider a close friend. Kieran gave me a chance and the support I needed to thrive. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him. If I could hand sculpt Kieran a QBBY amiibo to illustrate my undying gratitude, I would. I want nothing more than for our paths to cross again soon. Thank you so much for everything Kieran.

Now, it’s back to me. I’m headed to start my next adventure as a Gaming Features Writer for CBR.com. You can check out my staff page if you want to stay up to date on what I’m writing. My Twitter isn’t a bad place to look, either. Point is, I’ll be around if you want to find me. But, don’t fixate your attention on me. Keep it pointed to here – watching the growth of Nintendad. I know that this staff will carry this site higher and higher, there’s no other outcome.

Before I go, though, I need to offer one final thank you. The last thank you I have to give is to the Nintendad community. You all have given me the best year of my life. Every view, every like, every comment, it all means more than you could imagine. Each and every one of you have made the Nintendad dream a reality. So thank you.

Now, it really is curtains. I’ll miss you all more than you’ll ever know. But, our paths will cross again soon, I’m sure of it.


Abram Buehner

Your former Editor-in-Chief

1 thought on “[Nintendad Coffeehouse] A Letter from Your Former Editor

  1. Kieran Fifield says:

    Abram Buehner is a colossus. When I sent over the adoption papers and brought him into the Nintendad family I was aware of how wonderful he was with words, having followed his writing after stumbling upon his review of Yoshi’s Crafted World, months prior. What I wasn’t aware of at the time was his extraordinary work ethic, his drive and his sheer desire to grow, to learn. Every and any morsel of information that he could, he would assimilate. It’s not a surprise that he has moved on, his talent deserves greater exposure, both financially and visibly. From a completely selfish standpoint, I hoped that this day would never come.
    Abram was the guy that I’d mumble incoherent thoughts at and within a couple of hours (time zones allowing) he’d come back with a clear and concise realisation of my muddied vision. Every single time.

    His dedication and tireless efforts have taken Nintendad to new heights. It’s no coincidence that we’ve exponentially expanded during his tenure. Now we, the Nintendad team, owe it to Abram to keep pushing Nintendad, to keep growing and to continue to excel and provide comprehensive coverage. Who knows. Maybe one day we’ll be able to afford him and bring Abram home. There will always be a place within the halls of Nintendad Manor. Thanks for everything, Abram.

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