[Feature] Kid’s Corner – MULTI:PLAYCON from Snakebyte

Written by Kieran Fifield

Product Specifications

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  • Full button functionality with vibrations of the micromotor
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth®
  • Two controllers for multi-player operation on one device
  • The built-in battery offers a long battery life with high charging speed 
  • The MULTI:PLAYCON ™ controllers are compatible with all Switch ™ / Switch Lite ™ games that can also be played with a single Joy-Con ™ controller.

Introducing the MULTI:PLAYCON from Snakebyte

I was lucky enough to see the MULTI:PLAYCON back at Gamescom last year, when I sat down with the good people at Snakebyte and were shown their upcoming line up of Nintendo Switch products. At the time, they weren’t even sure if they would release them or not, rather they were a prototype that they were playing around with. In fact, the guy who got them out from under the counter received a few scowls from the rest of the team when he showed them to me. While the prototype I held wasn’t a functional product, I was impressed by the style and urged Snakebyte to consider exploring the possibility of releasing them, as I believed there would be a market for such a thing.

Go forth and MULTI:PLAY

Now, six months later, I have the product in hand. I like to feel as though I had a part in getting the MULTI:PLAYCON made. You’re welcome!!

Upon unboxing the MULTI:PLAYCON what is immediately apparent is just how cute these controllers are. The pair that I received had a Halloween theme – one being a skeleton, the other a pumpkin. The charm shone through from the outset, but how did they hold up as functioning controllers for the Nintendo Switch?

Firstly we were encouraged to perform a firmware update which required connecting them to a PC. It was as painless as it should be in 2020 and was complete in a matter of minutes.  Now I had heard from other like minded reviewer types that they had all kinds of issues connecting them, moreover getting them to stay connected. Once fully charged, I synced them to my Nintendo Switch effortlessly, after which, they remained connected whenever I powered them on.

Control the narrative

The controllers themselves are lightweight and have clearly been designed with younger players in mind. They’re roughly the same size as the Joy-Con, but much more ergonomically pleasing. In fact, they register as Joy-Con when paired but can’t be used as a pair of Joy-Con, which is certainly interesting.

The build quality isn’t the best and the buttons click and rattle when pressed. That being said, there is very little latency with commands registering without noticeable delay, and considering these controllers are clearly aimed at the younger demographic, the option to have a more robust build does make sense.

My nearly three year old daughter – a keen 2D Mario player, despite her tender years – found both the design and size, therein comfort of the pads, to be absolutely perfect for her smaller digits. She often tries to play with one of my Pro Controllers but the size is always an issue for prolonged play time, therefore I usually end up popping a Joy-Con off of the Switch, attach a rail and hand that to her instead.

I’m quitting hip-hop, this is my final w(rap)….

The MULTI:PLAYCON are absolutely perfect for the little ones in your life to join in the family fun. The build quality isn’t the most polished I’ve seen from a Snakebyte product, nonetheless, it’s still an able addition to the vast options for playing Nintendo Switch. On top of its functionality for little fingers, it’s also ideal as an extra pair of controllers for titles such as Mario Kart or Overcooked. If you’re hosting friends and want a few spare controllers kicking about, you cant go wrong!
Now whenever we go to play, she immediately asks for ‘Little Pumpkin please Daddy!’.


  • Perfect for tiny hands
  • Inimitable in every sense of the word
  • Perform amicably


  • Not the best made product on the market
  • Some people have reported connectivity issue


The MULTI:PLAYCON from SnakeByte is an interesting alternative to the official Joy-Con but with so many of the features missing, it’s hard to recommend them as such. As a controller aimed at the little ones in your life – or even just for occasional guests however, they are ideal.


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