[Happy New Year?]


First and foremost, from everyone here at Nintendad, we’d just like to wish each and everyone of you reading this a Happy New Year. Honestly, it can’t be any worse than the year that preceded it, right?! Surely not?

People have remarked about how the vaccine could turn everyone into zombies. By the same logic, it could also give everyone superpowers too!! What seems most likely is that it will offer some form of protection against COVID-19 and we can all get on with our lives, in some shape or form.

Pandemic aside and although very much a by-product of everyone being locked down, the traffic for the site was off the chain! From May through December, we saw at least 200,000 page views each month and while I’ve never been one to care for such nonce-sense, even in such a year, it’s nothing to cough at.

We also saw phenomenal growth on our YouTube channel too, and at the time of writing have seen 2340 hours of our content watched, in 2020. Again, not particularly spectacular in the grand scheme of things but for a small fansite, well, we’ll take it.

The reason that I’m sharing these number so frivolously is that, in 2021, we’ll be changing the way we handle coverage. The piece of advice that stuck most with me was from Peer Schneider, who said: keep moving and exploring new things when others replicate your approach. Being at home so much this year, I’ve seen a lot of content published by my peers that just seems a little too familiar, sometimes even identical…

Copy cats? More like plagiarising pussies!!

Things need to change. Traffic isn’t the be-all and end-all! The ethos has always been on the end product, with numbers being a result of the quality of the words on the page. Regardless, we’ll be doing a few things differently in 2021, to further differentiate us from everyone else. We already dropped the numbered scoring system, last year, but I feel we can take things further and improve our editorial presence farther still.

As always, the site remains ad-free. I started Nintendad because I hated scrolling down sites and being interrupted from my perusal pleasure by a heinous pop-up or an irrelevant ad. If I can ever take it to the stage where relevant companies pay for ad-space, I wouldn’t be adverse, but Google ads? GTFO! In a year that has seen me struggle financially in a manner that I’ve never known, I’d just like to thank everyone who helped to keep the site alive with your support through Patreon and Ko-fi. Without all of your generosity, we probably wouldn’t be around. With the utmost sincerity, THANK YOU! You remain Nintendad’s MVP.

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