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Written by Kieran Fifield

Nintendad presents…..
GOTY 2018

 It’s safe to say Gaming has been a huge part of 2018 for me.

Back in April I started writing reviews for indie games on Nintendo Switch, some delightful gems, some titles so brazenly abhorrent, that the mere memory of them makes my skin crawl.

Fast forward 8 months, and with  44 reviews published, not to mention the launch of Nintendad 2.0; the transformation of my site from a blog that I used to share my mad ramblings to a fully fledged gaming site, things have certainly picked up at a pace I never could have expected.

With the year fast reaching its climax and the Game Awards just around the corner I have decided to write a little bit about my 3 favourite games, culminating in my personal choice for Game Of The Year (GOTY)

Dark Souls

As a self proclaimed Dark Souls virgin, having the opportunity to review this epic fantasy was an opportunity that was simply too good to refuse. I’m not going to lie, I was apprehensive about this  massive undertaking.

Would I be able to able to play this hard as nails title, what with my own penchant for colourful and whimsical games?
And would I be able to progress enough and experience enough of Lordran to present an objective and constructive opinion on the strengths and merits of this cult classic?
Luckily, the answer to both of these  questions was ‘quite so, and some!!’

My time spent with FromSoftware’s inaugural title was a deep and wonderfully intense experience akin to a passionate and  frenetic relationship, something so utterly disconcerting, yet simultaneously truly, deeply satisfy that it demanded more and more of my attention. By the time came around for me to write a review, I was utterly transfixed and very much in love. From a Dark Souls scrub to a Warrior of Sunlight reborn, the very embodiment of Great Lord Gwyn incarnate.

Read my review here.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country

The Xenoblade series is incredibly special to me. The jaw droppingly beautiful (HD remaster please Nintendo)  Xenoblade released way back when on the Wii and literally saved my life. So when the sequel finally landed nearly exactly a year ago to the day, at the time of posting, I was sold. Now, let me just say, XC2 is utterly brilliant in nearly every way but here’s the thing. The DLC that released in September; Torna ~ The Golden Country, is utterly brilliant in every way, taking all the aspects that made XC2 near perfect and ironing out the creases and sewing a few new hems along the way. Trust me when I say, this story tugs at your heart strings and by the end of your playthrough you will feel so positively connected to these characters that saying goodbye might prove difficult. On top of all of this, the combat system has been shaken up considerably and is by far the best iteration of it found across any of the games. 

As it turns out I didn’t review this title as I wasn’t as of yet in Nintendo’s inner circle so to speak. For further reading material I would advise checking out my good friend Jack’s, of Miketendo fame, review, as I know he shares nearly all of my sentiments regarding this most generous of expansion packages.

Read Jack’s review here.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Hands down, unequivocally my Game Of The Year for 2018 is without a shadow of doubt the latest title brought to us by the good people at FDG Entertainment and Game Atelier. 

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is just an utter blast to play from start to finish and offers challenge, diversity and style throughout. Every single little detail about this title is polished to the nth degree and just creates a multifaceted platform to showcase this utterly inimitable work of gaming art.

Trust me when I say, very rarely does a game release that lingers so long in the memory. 

Monster Boy is a truly remarkable beast, excuse the pun, and feels right at home on Nintendo Switch. It expertly blends elements of platformers, puzzle adventures, RPG’s, Metroidvania’s and even has time to throw in some SHMUP moments too. Monster Boy oozes class  which just goes to show the level of care, not to mention the great pride, that all involved took when bringing this project to life.

The game that keeps on giving!! Honestly and sincerely the most fun I have spent playing a video game this year.

Buy it today, you will not regret it.

Read my review here.

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