[Feature] Kid’s Corner – Woven – Nintendo Switch Review

  • Developer: Alterego Games
  • Publisher: Alterego Games
  • Release Date: 15/11/2019
  • Price: £17.99 / $19.99
  • Review code provided by Alterego Games


When I approach titles for our Kid’s Corner segment, I want to give our young scribes a sense of control. I’d like to lift the curtain behind that process for our readers. After loading the title onto my child’s Switch, I let them play a fair amount without my seasoned biases. I’ll sit in the background, observing to see how easy or difficult the experience is. At certain points we’ll switch off who plays but I try to give them control of what is happening and where to go. Once we’ve finished our playthrough, I encourage them to write or dictate their thoughts about the game.

When I approached Woven, I let my seven year old daughter lead the journey. Below is her experience. I try to use her words as much as possible when compiling the Kid’s Corner review. Without further adieu, Taliya’s review of Woven for Nintendo Switch.

The Storied Tale of a Toy

Woven tells the story of soft world inhabited by stuffed animals. Many plush creatures roam about but Stuffy is the one who embarks on this journey of discovery. Metallic machines litter the landscape and pose the question of how they arrived in this soft world and for what purpose. Stuffy finds an unlikely ally in a floating mechanical marvel, Glitch. Together they traverse the world trying to help Glitch recover its memories while solving puzzles of what transpired.

Soft and Squishy

Woven starts out easy and progressively gets harder. This is first and foremost a puzzle game but a relaxing one at that. There were only a few points where Taliya got lost and needed help to get back on track. Some of those occasions she figured out before I could take control or provide input. My daughter found it really exciting and didn’t want to stop playing. Exploring with Stuffy was fun for her. There were a lot of secrets to uncover in the stitched world. New patterns and colors to change your stuffy’s appearance. Finding different animal forms to alter Stuffy opened new abilities to advance the story and move forward in the world.

The puzzles mostly consisted of using an ability like stomping your feet to provoke giant beasts to clear a path, or jumping in specific areas. To unlock new animal designs you take over as Glitch and interact with a machine by aligning arrows to match with dots scrolling by. Designing your own stuffy was a loving endeavor that my daughter engaged with over and over at other machines throughout the expedition. Sometimes you have to use specific patterns and colors to interact with other creatures. Certainly the control of Stuffy and customization resonated with our seven year old gamer.

Your Own Stuffy

The graphics were really cool and the use of yarn with metal robots was fun because it created a unique world with a lot of questions. The narrator provided a special touch as he helped guide the story and getting around in the world. The music was very calm and relaxing and helped provoke a thoughtful attitude. Woven did crash a few times but the auto-save prevented any real loss of progress.

Final Wrap

Despite some confusing puzzles and sparse points of unclear progression, Woven was a great title for a younger audience. The lovable Stuffy can be colorfully customized, giving the player a fantastic avatar for the peaceful journey. There is little to fear in the world of Woven. Dark caves conjure a common phobia of the unknown. Fortunately for Stuffy, the mechanical companion helps light the way and provides a warming glow.


  • Lovable Character
  • Superb Narration
  • Stuffy Customization
  • Peaceful Journey


  • Some Unclear Paths

Woven won over our hearts with its plush world, inviting atmosphere and lovable Stuffy.

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