[Feature] Kid’s Corner – Ice Age Scrat’s Adventure! Nintendo Switch Review

By Conner, Taliya and Thomas

  • Developer: Just Add Water
  • Publisher: Outright Games, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
  • Release Date: 18/10/2019
  • Price: £34.99 / $39.99
  • Review code provided by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment


Here at Nintendad we are always trying to find new content for our audience. Though 33 is the average age* of a gamer, there are still a lot of little ones out there cutting their teeth on the current generation of consoles. A study from the Entertainment Software Association on households reports that 21% of gamers are under the age of 18. The data gathered is from more than 4,000 Americans and their gaming habits. To better target the younger gamers or parents who shop for them, Nintendad is kicking off a review segment called Kid’s Corner. Here we take games and let children put them through the ringer to see if they are worthy options for your budding video game enthusiast.

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*ESA “2019 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry

Nintendad Review Team

Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure was played and reviewed by Conner (12) and Taliya (7).

What’s Nut to Like?

Any fan of the Ice Age franchise is no stranger to the unfortunate prehistoric squirrel, Scrat and his quest for nutritious acorns. In Scrat’s Nutty Adventure there’s no shortage of acorns to be gathered but the real prize is hidden in an ancient temple.

Nut Your Average Squirrel

Scrat pulls out his best parkour moves to hop, pound, slide and climb a dangerous world. Burning lava and rivers dotted with bobbing icicles set the prehistoric stages in this Ice Age platforming adventure. The controls respond well to the inputs and feel smooth and natural. A variety in enemies make each board unique with occasional boss battles.

The difficulty curve was manageable for both ages. Conner had a much easier time navigating each world and knowing where to go next. At the younger age, Scrat’s Adventure can be a bit confusing on knowing exactly what to do next or where to go. Even though Taliya could manage the platforming and boss battles, she did die more often and have to restart various parts. One down side was the save points could be spread out a bit causing some painful redundancy. There were even parts that were frustrating for Conner which made the game less enjoyable when having to backtrack and replay areas.

Let’s Go Nuts!

Both of the kids enjoyed the art style of Scrat’s Nutty Adventure and felt the team did a great job capturing the look of the films. There was a decent variety of locales and background scenes featuring mammoths and other hints from the series. The music only had a few songs in the background which seldom played. Ice Age mostly featured crisp sound effects of the world around, like flowing waterfalls and chirping birds. Taliya felt like the sounds were calming and peaceful. The sounds from Scrat mirrored the movies very well and made it feel like you were playing out scenes of a more competent sabre-tooth squirrel.

Nut-ing to See Here!

The kids did find a few technical hic-ups which made them laugh. Where more mature gamers are prone to see the flaws and scoff, Conner and Taliya saw graphical glitches as humorous and part of the experience. Scrat would frequently disappear due to cropping environments and a few times the furry little creature would get stuck against a wall and spin out of control. None of the issues were game breaking but they did have to be patient to get Scrat to return to his merry quest.

Final Wrap

As far as movie tie-ins go, Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure is well presented and a joy to play. Both our younger and older Nintendad game testers were able to navigate the platforming, boss battling, and myriad of obstacles faced within the interactive world. Though Conner grew tired of some of the repetitiveness, Taliya couldn’t stop playing despite it being slightly more challenging. Scrat’s Adventure was a hit in our home and compliments the cinematic experience nicely.


  • Exciting Movie Tie-in
  • Managable for Younger Ages
  • Variety of Content


  • Graphical Glitches
  • Confusing Level Layouts

Ice Age Scrat’s Adventure is an engaging experience for young gamers looking to the sabre-tooth squirrel beat the odds.

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