[Feature] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition Hands On Event

London Bound It is said that a journey starts with a single step. Of course, running out the door to catch a flight is perfect

[Nintendad Presents] The Switch Fix

Website Indiegogo Page Twitter Facebook The Switch Fix The majesty of the Nintendo Switch lies in it’s versatility. Whet

[Nintendaditorial] Nintendad’s visit to Nintendo HQ

By @bretthill87 Our fearless leader Kieran was invited by the big N to visit their UK head office in Windsor and spend the aft

[Nintendaditorial] E3 and beyond – What we need from Nintendo in 2019.

It’s safe to say, the Nintendo Switch is a success. The dark days of the much maligned Wii U are long behind us and we a

[News] Ultimate Pro Controller Project

Aye Aye CPTN!! One of my absolute favourite things about this awesome Nintendo community is the magnitude of truly talented ar

[Review] Collidalot – Nintendo Switch

#DiscoverIndies – Collidalot Developer: Grunka Munka Games Publisher: Grunka Munka Release Date: 09/11/2018 Price: $12.5

[Nintendatorial] Every Zelda Ever

If you’re a fan of Nintendo, the chances are you’re a fan of The Legend is Zelda, a series that’s every bit

[Review] TumbleSeed – Nintendo Switch

Developer: Team TumbleSeed Publisher: aeiowu Release Date: 02/05/2017 Price: £11.99 / $14.99 Title purchased for re

[Review] Overcooked! 2 – Nintendo Switch

Overcooked! 2Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Click the image above to buy physically or the below prices to be taken

Nintendad Presents – Pro Ergonomic Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

Nintendad Presents – Pro Ergonomic Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons Here at Nintendad we love to help promote interest

[Review] The First Tree – Nintendo Switch

Developer: David Wehle Publisher: David Wehle, LLC Release Date: 30/11/2018 Price: £8.99 / $9.99 Title purchased fo

[Review] Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – Nintendo Switch

Developer: Game Atelier Publisher: FDG Entertainment Release Date: 04/12/2018 Price: £34.99 / $39.99 Revi

2018 in a nutshell

I started writing about games in April of this year and so thought it would be nice to compile all of the work I’ve done

[News] Gravilogic open pre order store

Pre orders for SwitchBlade open After the roaring success of their initial Kickstarter campaign, the good people over at Gravi

[Hardware Review] Genki Bluetooth Adapter – Nintendo Switch

Genki Bluetooth Adapter by Human Things When you think of the Nintendo Switch, what’s the main issue you have with the syste

[Feature] Is it time to talk about the Zelda timeline?

Breathe with me When the Nintendo Switch launched back in March 2017, it wasn’t alone. It launched with possibly the gre

[Interview] Human Things

Music to my ears One of the main issues that I’ve had with the Nintendo Switch is the inability to pair wireless headpho

[Feature] Nintendad’s Game of the Year

SwitchBlade – the accessory you never knew you needed

SwitchBlade The Nintendo Switch is the go to place for inventors and visionaries at the moment, as it’s momentum seemingly s

Now You’re Playing With PowerA!!

The measure of a man is what he does with PowerA  Now that nintendad is really starting to grow legs,and become more than

Friends of Nintendad

Ooo, friends! At the end of the day, in this buisiness, it all comes down to community. We rely so much on one another, for li