An open letter to everybody

To all you beautiful people, It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s Christmas again and as we all sit down

Super Mario Bros. 30 

Happy 30th Birthday Super Mario III Imagine for one moment that the Mario timeline was similar to the Zelda timeline and every

Call me Dry Bones

As a young up and coming chef, over a decade ago; before nappies and midnight coffees, before Nintendo so spectacularly fell f

The #Switcherazzi

The #Switcherazzi is a gathering of like minded individuals, namely Nintendo journalists. Over on that most wonderful of socia

Nintendo Switch Release Calendar

I’m living in the future, so my present is my past, my presence is a present, kiss my arse Update : I have since starte

Guess who’s back?

It would be fair to say that I have been incredibly busy of late, as such I haven’t managed to post anything recently. M

A quickie regarding plagiarism – LOTS OF SWEARS

CTRL + C, CTRL + V This weeks post is going to be very brief as my daughter woke up at 4 AM (not just stirred, fully awoke, re

Arsenal and Smash

Or as I like to call it, bashing your back doors in….   So the new season kicks off this weekend and after a summer

New York, New York

Start spreading the news A really brief one for you all this week. You see I’ve spent the past week writing up a blog po

Heatwave, AC and a Triceratops

Heatwave? More like HeatDave To all my UK readers, you might have noticed we’re currently in the grips of a somewhat fer

A day in the life

I read the news today, oh boy! Just when you think you’ve got the whole parenting thing nailed, everything changes. Ever

Dad time

Time of my life Dad time, there’s a novelty right? If I’m not attending to my little ones every whims and needs, I

Friends of Nintendad

Ooo, friends! At the end of the day, in this buisiness, it all comes down to community. We rely so much on one another, for li

I’m back…. And I’ve brought some friends along with me

HELLO, After too lengthy of a hiatus, I’m back behind the keyboard ready to share some hopefully interesting content wit

Easter break and clearing the backlog

Every Easter, my partner and I, and this year, for the 1st time, our beautiful little baby girl, visit L’s grandparents

Solid foods

So we started weaning our little monkey off of milk and onto solids this week. A couple of hours in the kitchen, 14 different

Gaming Dad

The challenges that present themselves to you as a gamer once you become a Dad are many and varied. Time is the big one, or la

Dad by day….

So today, I was in full dad mode. I did dad things. I held my little bubble and watched her smile, I played with her, changed

Before I was a Dad, I was a child

How could anything compete with the summer of 1991? As a wide eyed 4 year old, crossing the English Channel from Calais to Dov