Super Mario Bros. 30 

Happy 30th Birthday Super Mario III

Imagine for one moment that the Mario timeline was similar to the Zelda timeline and every game offered a different iteration of the hero. So the Mario you control in Super Mario Bros. is the great, great grandson of the Mario we met in Odyssey or Mario Kart 8…

Would that make our plump protagonist a direct descendent of the pixelated plumber we met in his original Super sub headed adventure?

Something to ponder over your evening macaroons.

Also, is it Canon that Mario’s surname is Mario?

Mario Mario

Luigi Mario…

Anywho, Super Mario Bros. 3 turns 30 today, and even after all this time it still holds up as one of the best 2D platform games of all time. We all remember holding ⬇️ on a white block in level 3 in order to get behind the scenery, or flying up and over in Boom Booms castle in world 1. Damn I love me a good pipe.

The over world map screen, with its interactive elements was revolutionary and all the delicious secrets still have me salivating when I play through to this day.

I have fond memories of playing SMB3 with my sister growing up, and particularly her love for the the tanooki suit. We played other Nintendo games as kids; Banjo Kazooie, being another childhood delight, but SMB3 remains the most pertinent, the memories I have locked away up in the ol’ ball of noodles are some of the happiest I have.

The helter skelter level that divided world 5 remains one of the best designed 2D platform levels that I’ve ever experienced which is testament to the quality of the production values, which are the very essence, the DNA of SMB3

With the recent introduction of the NES Online Classics, this masterpiece is readily available to play anywhere, anytime with anyone on the Nintendo Switch.

I for one can not wait for my little monkey to be old enough to appreciate its majestic design and inimitable charm.

People are the worst

People argue that Super Mario World was a far superior game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful game, a game of unprecedented splendour, with more secrets than a factory selling doors, all of which, for display purposes are closed..

But to me, with all that wonderfully whimsical nostalgia added in, SMB3 is the pinnacle of platform gaming and it would take something special to usurp it from that spot.

Super Mario Bros. 4?

Over to you Nintendo…

Thanks for reading and until next time.


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