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Written by Nintendad

I’m living in the future, so my present is my past, my presence is a present, kiss my arse

Update : I have since started a calendar entry for 3rd party releases. Check it out here.

3rd Party Switch Releases for September and October

There are so many games coming out on the Nintendo Switch, that I, on a deeply personal level, at times struggle to keep up. In this wonderful day and age we live in, filled with technological sorcery, I, Nintendad, decided to take action.

After some discussion over on Twitter about this, with some truly insightful and passionate people, I decided to investigate the practicality of implementing a calendar that adds all Nintendo Switch release dates to your mobile calendar. As a little tester I have created entries for all Nintendo published physical games coming in 2018.

1st Party Nintendo Switch Games Launching in 2018

Just to be clear, this is a delightfully cute picture, not the calendar that I’ve created….

In theory, clicking on this button should add these all to your calendar. Just as a note, with this being a calendar a timezone was required during set up. As such, I have set this calendar to Europe. Simply click on the link, login into your favoured calendar, be it Hotmail, Apple or Gmail and sit back, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ll never miss a release date again.

For the record, I haven’t set any alerts or whatnot on these calendar entries, but if you wish to, they are completely editable. May come in handy if you wish to make sure funds are available on pre ordered items that you might have forgotten about.

Future Calendars

If you would like to see more of these, for indies or 3rd party releases, as well as regional specific calendars, let me know and I’ll look into the possibility of creating more.

I’d love to get this out to as many people in the wonderful Switch community as possible, so shares would really be appreciated.

Enjoy, and thanks for your time, until next time


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