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A really brief one for you all this week.

You see I’ve spent the past week writing up a blog post, editing it, seemingly perfecting it. During the witching hour of Wednesday night / Thursday morning I scheduled it to go live, happy with the content. I woke on Thursday, after but a few hours of glorious, uninterrupted sleep with a strange feeling in my tummy. In hindsight, finishing a blog post whilst devouring a pack of hobnobs wasn’t my smartest idea.

However upon having a quick check shortly before the piece was due to be published, I simply decided that I didn’t want to post it. The content was fine, the writing was as whimsical as ever, but somehow it seemed  like it wasn’t meant for the eyes of the common folk.

People like Dave.


So instead I’m going to share with all you lucky people some of the stuff I’ve been enjoying this week. As the name of this post suggests, there’s a little bit of an underlying theme here. New York.

I’ve got 99 problems but my playlist ain’t one

As a proud Amazonian woman, I refuse to bow to the uppity subscription fees of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube, despite their obvious perks. Therefore, when 4:44 appeared in the new releases category on Amazon music this week, well it’s safe to say that I pumped that shit on blast.


And have been on the regular ever since.

Shaun Carter, Jay Z to the common Dave is even after all these years an absolute beast. At times he’s self deprecating, refreshingly honest, humble, yet still wonderfully genuine and still remains one of the cleverest, funniest wordsmiths in the proverbial game.

If you haven’t listened to 4:44 and have any appreciation for the music, check this out immediately. Even if your not a fan of Hip-hop-apotamus, give it a try, it’s glorious. Like sex, only in your ears. Some might call it an oral delight.


My second guilty pleasure has been binge watching Gossip Girl.

Like a proper f word!!

Sometimes I think that I’m quite similar to Chuck Bass. Cool, calm, and full of swag. I also rock a robe like fucking Obi Wan Kenobi. In reality I’m probably more like Dan Humphrey. Good with the words, bit of an outsider, punch well above my weight.

Well, at least I’m not like Nate Archibald.

In all seriousness, it’s nice for L and I to have any kind of time together, as due to the quite exhausting rigours of parenthood, we are very much 2 ships in the night, one in, one out.

And if that’s over a silly, if not utterly engrossing show about unrelatable rich people, so be it…

Until next time…


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