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Ooo, friends!

At the end of the day, in this buisiness, it all comes down to community. We rely so much on one another, for likes, shares, retweets and reblogs and, our bread and butter, page views.

It all comes down to that, how many hits we get, how much traffic we drive and how much of an impression we make.

So to celebrate all the lovely people out there who help us all grow, share our thoughts and thrive, I would just like to say thank you.

I am your fucking Switch, nothing can compare

As I mentioned in my initial post of phase 2.0, I plan to champion people in the community that leave an impression on me.

So, without further ado it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to today’s pick, The Switch Effect.

Now, maybe I’m biased as I work for them, writing reviews and the occasional feature, if ever my thoughts become coherent enough to allow me the focus to jot down anything even remotely concise enough to call writing.

All this aside, having got to know the team there over the last few months, they’re a great bunch of guys, some really talented writers and I’m incredibly proud to be part of the team.

Specialising in reviewing indie games, these guys have an unrelenting work ethic.

Take it from me, it’s not all glitz and glamour reviewing games. Sure, you get free games, that aspect of it is pretty great, and sure sometimes you get some real gems. However, there are also a lot of duds, games that if you didn’t have to, you wouldn’t touch with the proverbial 10 foot barge pole.

Sitting up long in to the night playing a game, so buggy, it could have been one of the ten calamities of Egypt, drinking a steamy pot of Lavazza long into the early hours of the morning is no bueno.

And then you have to find the time to write about it, all the while probably having another two or three codes ready for redemption.

Your own personal games? Forget about it, the chances are you will never get the chance to play half of the games that are on your wishlist. Ever!

But hey someone has to inform you in what direction to splurge your hard earned cash, and in this case, its these guys.

If you want sound, honest advise on the latest and greatest indie offerings on Nintendo’s latest juggernaut, look no further than the hapless chaps over at The Switch Effect.

And make sure to follow them on Twitter too while you’re at it. HERE

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