Easter break and clearing the backlog

Every Easter, my partner and I, and this year, for the 1st time, our beautiful little baby girl, visit L’s grandparents in Poland.

Poland is a very Catholic country and Easter is right up there with Christmas in terms of holidays so it’s very important that we make the effort. Traditional Polish Easter fare involves painting eggs and making sheep out of butter, ready to be taken to church to be blessed, all ready for Easter breakfast.

And then on Easter Monday they uphold a tradition known as śmigus-dyngus, which as far as I can work out, is just an excuse to have water fights. Seriously, everybody just drenches one another in water, it’s a fucking blast!

For L, it’s a chance to spend time with her family, relax and eat her mamusia’s (mums) cooking, for me, it’s all of the above plus my annual attack of the backlog.

I’ve been pretty good with my 1st party Switch games this year, managing to work through Zelda, Mario, Rabbids and Xenoblade, all to completion, and in the case of Zelda many hours more. And on top of that I’ve managed to spend a bit of time with Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 DX and ARMS as well.For me this years backlog is Indie games. And quite a few of them too.

There is such an abundance of fantastic games on the Switch and for me personally, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for gaming.

I had told my self that I’d finally crack on with Yooka Laylee, having been a day one Kickstarter backer but the recent sale forced my hand for one simple reason.

Blossom Tales ❤️

What a sheer delight. The source material is never hidden, even being referenced in the opening sequence, and everything from the weapons to the Music in Golem’s Haven, which is the Zelda theme but for a single note, screams A Link to the Past.

Good luck cloning my favourite game of all time and expecting me to praise it I thought. 6 hours later and the game complete, I’m grinning from ear to ear, wrapped in a blanket of youthful nostalgia.

Not only to did the wonderful people over at Castle Pixel make a fantastic ALTTP clone, they made a joyful piece of media that stands true on its own merits.

As I told them via the magic of social media, shortly upon completion of the game, I cannot wait to see what the studio do next.

And you know what, if Nintendo are too busy trying to work out how to follow up on last years game of the year, Breath of the Wild, or you know, struggling with the logistics of allowing people to buy ALTTP for the 37th time via the Virtual Console, how about this. Give Castle Pixel the licence to a top down 2D Zelda.

It’ll be in very safe hands.

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