Dad time

Written by Kieran Fifield

Time of my life

Dad time, there’s a novelty right? If I’m not attending to my little ones every whims and needs, I strongly believe that the measure of a man is how he provides for his family. That’s why I believe it is important to make sure my partner has food ready for her, and that the house is clean; so she can focus on nurturing our daughter and not spending her time constantly trying to keep the house in order. Don’t get me wrong, she still does A LOT, I just believe that anything I can do to help lessen the load is totally worth doing.

Why do you keep saying IT’S COMING HOME?

I also have a full time job, obviously. Who doesn’t? Even Dave drives his little bus. Good one Dave….

Anyway, back to the point.

Time and a place

It’s a wonderful thing being a dad but you do need some downtime every now and then.

Obviously I play video games, but ever since being a reviewer that’s become a lot less relaxing. Less of a hobby and more of an unpaid part time job.

Dear baby Jesus this is getting long winded.

To the point, once a month I very much look forward to going to the barbers. I don’t get anything particularly fancy done; 4 on the top, 2 on the sides, but it’s the whole process.

I go to my local Turkish barber, a delightful little establishment run by an in no way suspect chap.

The bricks (top right) are wallpaper….

You see, as well as the standard cut, I indulge in a cut throat shave, a scalp massage and to top it all off, they use those joyfully aromatic hot towels, much like the ones you get on aeroplanes, only big enough to wrap around your entire noggin’.

And then there’s the extras (settle down back there). There’s the paraffin dipped flaming sticks that they flick so nonchalantly against your ear, burning all those annoying little hairs, or having a few rogue hairs viciously yet oh so delicately plucked from between your eyebrows or the base of your scalp.

Does my nose look big in this?

On reflection, neither of these things sounds particularly pleasant. Maybe I have issues….

Thanks for reading and until next time…

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