Arsenal and Smash

Or as I like to call it, bashing your back doors in….


So the new season kicks off this weekend and after a summer of mediocre football, facilitated by the wonderful people over at the Kremlin.

England restored a little bit of National pride, Russia made sure there families weren’t poisoned after 3 games and an early exit and eventually France prevailed to finally realise their true potential and become the hero that the city needs. Or words to that effect.

Now, after all the trepidation of Arsene Wenger finally calling it a day and swanning off into the nuit  francaise, a new era will finally begin under the guidance of everybody’s favourite Spaniard, Unai Emery.

New coach, who dis?

Anxiety, nerves and a rare feeling of freshness as new beginnings hang over us. For the 1st time in over 2 decades, a man other that Arsene will preside over proceedings and much like any good dictatorship, when it comes to an end a sense of curiosity lingers in the air. Whilst the fear of the unknown engulfs us, the excitement of a new era will carry us all the way until Sunday at 16.00, when we will face last years champions. Wonderful.

After that it’s a trip to the rent boys – Chelsea, never an easy trip, despite the chaos they seem to be embracing right now.

Then we welcome West Ham, who have spent an extortionate amount of money this summer, in the hope that under the tutelage of that wily old fox, Manuel Pellegrini, they won’t be utter shite this year. The side act of Jack Wilshere facing off against his old teammates is irrelevant, he’ll undoubtedly be injured by the time this fixture comes around. In all seriousness, I wish him all the best, a truly talented player who if it weren’t for all the injuries, surely would have been an Arsenal great.

Anhwho, if you wanted to read a blog about the greatest team that the worlds ever seen, Arsenal, Arsenal FC, I’d recommend heading over to the delightfully named Arseblog. Not only is it a daily blog, updated with the musings of a wonderfully creative fellow, it’s entirely dedicated to Arsenal.

So far…

If you’re here, you’re probably either Dave, looking for his weekly shoutout, evidently the highlight of his week. Alternatively you’re curious to hear about my week in general.

Monday ate an entire wheel of cheese, shat myself.

Tuesday, curled in a ball and cried for an hour, ashamed of my pathetic existence, and seemingly upset bowels.

Wednesday, drove all around the Great British country side, taking in the views of some of the most stunning natural beauty. Now I genuinely have constant cramp in my right leg. That’s not normal, right?!

Came home, caught up with all the smash news. My thoughts in 7 words – Ultimate looks incredible. Pre order it here

On a final note, I can’t believe they killed of Luigi. RIP my dude, the year of Luigi, 2013, was a personal highlight as a Nintendo gamer.

Thursday, posted a blog.

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