A quickie regarding plagiarism – LOTS OF SWEARS


This weeks post is going to be very brief as my daughter woke up at 4 AM (not just stirred, fully awoke, ready to face the day.) On top of that work was one of those days where you question why the fuck you bust your ass for mediocre money, when you get absolutely no form of satisfaction from your job. Ass is my least favourite thing to bust. Finishing your shift at 22.40 is just not fucking right. By the time I got home it was 23.00. That’s a 19 hour, non stop day. So I’m going to fill the gaps with Eminem videos for you all to watch, or not. Its entirely up to you..

Fuck that in the face with some fisticuffs!!

I’m quite literally broken. But enough about me. BORING!

I would quickly like to say a little bit about a huge story that has emerged this week in the gaming world.

Like the absolute piece of shit that he is, master con man Filip Miucin has been found to be nothing more than a cheap copy and paste merchant.

Also, C WORD.

After revelations broke about his Dead Cells review being a straight rip off of a small Youtuber’s work, it soon became apparent that this wasn’t an isolated case. As it turns out he had in fact stole people’s work throughout his rise to Nintendo editor at IGN. Thankfully IGN dismissed him swiftly, but in a bizarre, narcissistic turn of events, he proceeded to post a video to his own YouTube channel, in which he brazenly dared the people of the internet to find anything else of his that bared any kind of resemblance to other peoples work. Of course, the people of the internet did find more plagiarised work. Lots of it.


So there you have it, from having a dream job, a dream job that people like myself would quite literally murder a rhyme, one word at a time for; that given hard work and dedication would have probably led to a job at Nintendo, he now has nothing but a tarnished reputation, which is in my humble opinion completely beyond repair. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to hear, a few months from now that he has been arrested for offering illicit sexual favours to bikers, in order to feed his crack addiction.

The point is, don’t ever take credit for somebody else’s work. Whether its an article read by millions on an incredibly popular media site or something as seemingly insignificant as a dish that a fellow chef has created, that you happened to have plated half decently one afternoon or a recipe for a fucking brulee. Always give credit where credit is due. Link the creator if you use a quote in created content, tag them in social media. It’s common fucking courtesy. Basic fucking etiquette. Every Tom, Dave and Harry can manage that right?

If you can’t do this, don’t even fucking bother. You’re a lazy piece of shit, a waste of oxygen and to be honest, I couldn’t care less what you do. Your existence is now meaningless.

Obviously, if you’re a well paid news editor for a global media outlet, just do your job. Write with passion, dignity and integrity, but most importantly, personality. That’s what keeps us all engaged, coming back for more.

Not just loads of fucking Eminem videos…..

Until next time

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  1. Sadiye

    Brilliant post. Nothing annoys me more than someone who copies someone else’s work AND takes credit for it!! It actually happened to me at work once, someone announced something I DID and took full credit for it. He even had the cheek to add “thanks to Sadiye for helping me spot it”. I was the one who told him about it haha. Very frustrating and I wish people just wouldn’t bother!

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