[Review] Spyro Reignited Trilogy – Nintendo Switch

Developer: Toys For Bob Publisher: Activision Release Date:  03/09/2019 Price: £34.99 / $3

[Review] AER Memories of Old – Nintendo Switch

Developer: Daedalic Entertainment   Publisher:  Daedalic GmbH Release Date:  28/08/2019 Price: £17.9

[Review] Hamsterdam– Nintendo Switch

Developer: Muse Games Publisher: Muse Games Release Date:  01/08/2019 Price: £7.99 / $9.99 Revi

[Review] Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Fabio Ferrara Publisher: Chubby Pixel Release Date:  25/07/20

[Review] Stranger Things 3: The Game – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: BonusXP Publisher: BonusXP/ Netflix Release Date:  04/07/2019

[Preview] Pokemon Sword & Shield

Launch: 15th November 2019 PEGI: TBD Number of Players: 1-4 Genre: RPG, Adventure Publisher: Nintendo

[Preview] Astral Chain

Launch: 30th August 2019 PEGI: 16 Number of Players: 1-2 Genre: RPG, Action, Adventure Publisher: Nintendo Law Abiding Citizen

[Preview] Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

@bretthill87 Launch: 19th July 2019 PEGI: 12 Number of Players: 1-4 Genre: RPG, Action Publisher: Nintendo Assemble your ultim

[Preview] Luigi’s Mansion 3

@bretthill87 Launch: 2019 PEGI: TBD Number of Players: 1-8 Genre: Adventure, Action Publisher: Nintendo Luigi’s Mansion

[Preview] New Super Lucky’s Tale

By @bretthill87 Launch: Autumn 2019 PEGI: 3+ Number of Players: 1 Genre: Platformer Publisher: Playful Studios A highlight of

[Nintendaditorial] Nintendad’s visit to Nintendo HQ

By @bretthill87 Our fearless leader Kieran was invited by the big N to visit their UK head office in Windsor and spend the aft

[Review] TT Isle Of Man: Ride on the Edge – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Kylotonn Publisher: Bigben Interactive Release Date:  23/05/2019 Price: £44.99 /

[Review] The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Lightfoot Bros Publisher: Lightfoot Bros Release Date:  10/04/2019 Price: £9.99

[Review] Thief Simulator – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Noble Muffins Publisher: Forever Entertainment Release Date:  16/05/2019 Price: £17.

[Review] HexaGravity – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Flynn’s Arcade Publisher: Forsaken Games Release Date:  02/05/2019 Price:

[Review] Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Playrise Digital Ltd Publisher: Greenlight Games Release Date:  01/05/2019 Price:

[Review] Cuphead – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Studio MDHR Publisher: Popagenda Release Date:  18/04/2019 Price: £16.99 / $19.9

[Review] Feather – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Samurai Punk Publisher: Samurai Punk Release Date:  05/04/2019 Price: £8.09 / $9

[Review] Reptilian Rebellion– Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Herrero Publisher: Herrero Release Date:  21/03/2019 Price: £2.99 / $2.99 Review

[Review] Motorsport Manager– Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Playsports Games Publisher: Curve Digital Release Date:  14/03/2019 Price: £11.9

[Review] Claybook – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Second Order Publisher: Second Order Release Date:  12/03/2019 Price: £13.49 / $

[Review] Rad Rodgers Radical Edition – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Slipgate Studios Publisher: Handy Games/ THQ Nordic Release Date:  26/02/2019 Pri

[Review] The Rainsdowne players – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Steve O’Gorman Publisher:  Steve O’Gorman Release Date:  07/02/2

[Review] Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Chubby Pixel Publisher:  Chubby Pixel Release Date:  23/12/2017 Pr

[Review] RIOT: Civil Unrest – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer:  Leonard Menchiari, IV Productions Publisher:  Merge Games Release

[Review] The Raven Remastered – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: King Art Games Publisher:  THQ Nordic Release Date: 22/01/2019 Price: £26.99 / $2

[Review] Old School Racer 2 – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Developer: Riddlersoft Games Publisher: Riddlersoft Games Release Date: 18/01/2019

[Review] Overcooked! 2 – Nintendo Switch

Overcooked! 2Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze Click the image above to buy physically or the below prices to be taken