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“Building a product and business from scratch is not easy. We had spent a lot of time trying to contact people to showcase our product, the SwitchBlade but receiving very few replies. So you can imagine how surprised and honored we were when Kieran Fifield of Nintendad contacted us for a collaboration. He was very easy, effective, and efficient to work with.  He produced an honest and effective product review and is even helping us promote through social media, etc. during our campaign run.

This is what a partnership looks like.  We are very grateful to be working with Nintendad!”

We worked closely with Kieran Fifield when he reviewed our product – The Aixmeet Case. He did a really great job in every aspect, from writing reviews to sharing his thoughts across his social media platforms. Because of his hard work our product receieved great exposure, and we would not have had the success we did if not his efforts.
– Aixmeet


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