Revealed: My Secret Project™

Just to clarify, this isn’t my own work in anyway, shape or form. I’m simply reblogging it in order to help give this the exposure that it so deserves. The author Chris Scullion is an absolute hero, and an idol of mine, from his days working at Official Nintendo Magazine and he deserves all the success coming his way. Enjoy and check out his site for more great content!

Everybody should be paying attention to this, it will be magnificent.

Tired Old Hack

When I was six my dad came home from work with a new games magazine for me to read.

He’d been doing this for a while – he used to buy ZX Spectrum mags and CVG before I was even born – and now I was old enough to read and very much obsessed with my NES I loved each new issue he’d buy for me.

This one was something else, though. It was bright yellow, was twice the size of normal magazines and was a special edition created by the CVG staff. It was called The Complete Guide To Consoles.

Inside its 124 pages were over 300 reviews, covering “just about every game available on the PC Engine, Mega Drive, Sega, 7800, Coleco and VCS”.

Over the years the CVG team released a further three issues of The Complete Guide To Consoles, each one offering a new batch of…

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