Dad by day….

So today, I was in full dad mode. I did dad things. I held my little bubble and watched her smile, I played with her, changed her, I told her dad jokes, sang her songs, rocked her in my ARMS when she was crying. I went shopping, I made dinner, I cleaned the house, I did dishes. I went for a walk for the best part of an hour whilst my better half went to the osteopath.

You may have noticed that I’ve used the word I a lot. This would imply a benefit to myself. I did all of these things with a smile on my face. I got to spend the best part of a day with my little monkey, and I got to see my partner relax a little, and recharge her batteries. 

I would do it all again too. Being a parent is a team effort, and whilst I can’t pop my boob out and feed my girl, I will do anything else that I can to help make all of our lives more fruitful.

I am a dad.

Today was a good day!

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